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Virginity and The Hymen | Facts vs Myths

Virginity is generally defined as a state of a person who has never gotten involved in sexual intercourse. In present times the concept of virginity can mean distinct things to many persons and...

Menstrual Cups: Everything you need to know about it

A menstrual cup -- this one is made of silicone rubber -- is designed to collect menstrual blood. The bell-shaped device is folded and inserted into the vagina. The tip helps with...

10 Types Vaginal Odor and Tips for Preventing It | Women’s Health

Many women expect their vagina to smell like flowers but that’s rarely the case. Your vagina scent is unique to you – it’s completely natural for your vagina to have some kind of...

Toilet Infection Myth| Can I Get an STI from a Toilet Seat?

It’s a common speculation especially among women that STI’s can be gotten from a toilet seat. For many women, the toilet seats are the number 1 play area...

Amazing Vagina Facts That You Should Know

This article explores amazing vagina facts that you should have known a long time ago The vagina is called different names depending on which part of the world you...

Vaginal Health: What constitutes a healthy vagina and how to keep it healthy

An unhealthy vagina can affect a woman’s fertility, sexual libido and orgasm. It leads to serious reproductive issues and other health complications. What constitutes a healthy vagina?  
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