About Us

LEURR is a digital fashion and lifestyle magazine that aims to provide inclusive fashion, beauty, wellness, culture, and lifestyle content. LEURR's fashion, beauty, and entertainment coverage is instructive, motivating, and visually engaging, with hair styling hacks, skincare recommendations, and street-style photos.

Founded in 2020 by pharmacist turned entrepreneur Shalom Walson, LEURR has an ever-growing audience with active users in 60 countries. LEURR is helmed by experienced editors and experts in entertainment and lifestyle. With a motto of credible reportage, the platform provides informative and well-researched content, making it the go-to digital destination for wide-ranging fashion and beauty content.


Our mission is to connect with fashion, beauty and lifestyle enthusiasts worldwide through innovative, trustworthy , expert-led digital content. We prioritize authenticity and transparency to provide our readers with the most recent news and updates.

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LEURR welcomes feedback on your online presence experience, questions, issues, and more. You can reach us at leurrgroup@gmail.com

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