Every Detail About Kim Kardashian’s $2,500 Health Scan

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Thanks to technology, full-body scans are steadily becoming popular. What are they? Full-body scans involve a complete examination of a patient’s entire body for the diagnosis or treatment of illnesses. Recently, Kim Kardashian underwent a $2,500 MRI scan, revealing the Prenuvo can detect 500 abnormalities and diseases, saving her friends’ lives and proving life-saving. Kim, a frequent #sponcon user, clarified that the gesture was not an advertisement but a gesture of goodwill to spread awareness about the machine’s efficacy. 

Clarifying the post was not an ad, she captioned the post: “I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life-saving machine,” she wrote. “The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in their earliest stages, before symptoms arise. It was like getting an MRI for an hour with no radiation.”

So, for a little over $2,500 a session, what precisely does one of these scans entail?

The Prenuvo scan, developed by the brand, aims to replace diagnostic MRI scans, which can be slow in detecting life-threatening diseases. Prenuvo uses advanced anatomical and functional imaging sequences and multiparametric imaging to identify over 500 common and rare conditions, including multiple types of cancer. The unique feature of Prenuvo is its ability to acquire these protocols in a single sitting across the entire body, applying nuclear imaging principles in the context of radiology. Scans can be targeted to the head, torso, or the entire body for a full health MOT in just under an hour.

Though the downside to this process is it’s hefty price with outraged fans criticizing her “tone deaf” post, claiming it was for wealthy individuals and not people struggling with food. Kim’s post serves as a reminder to get your health checked.

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