Confidence Tips From Celebs That Will Help You in 2022

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It’s okay not to be okay. There are days when you wake up and not be your self – so do celebs. But these celebrities have found the best way to boost their self esteem no matter what.

A lot of negative energy that feeds into lowered self confidence is based on how you see yourself and how you think you appear in your friends’ or familys’ eye. Celebs are more than glamorous, fascinating, fashionable icons – but how do they exude huge amount of killer confidence. Whether on the red carpet or running to the mal – these celebrities have learnt to focus on having a healthy image and stay true to themselves.

Rihanna, E! News


“Pretend. I mean, it’s either that or cry myself to sleep. Who wants to do that? You wake up with puffy eyes the next day, it’s a waste of tears.”

Zendaya, Seventeen

Zendaya for british vogue

“The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you have to work with what you’ve got. Everybody has features they don’t like about themselves, but at the end of the day, it’s what makes you different and separates you from everyone else in the world.”

She also told New You: “It’s important to find out who you are and love who you are.”

Venus Williams, ABC News

“Just believe in yourself. Even if you don’t, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will.”

Yara Shahidi, Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign

“But confidence, for a lot of people, comes from being able to be comfortable in the space that you exist in, being able to be comfortable in the space that you take up. And often times it’s a highly political thing, whether people have made space for you or not, which is why internal confidence and self-assuredness, as well as a support network to tell you you are worthy of the space, is so important.”

Emma Stone, People

Confidence is the only key. I know a lot of people who aren’t traditionally ‘beautiful’— not symmetrical or perfect-bodied or perfect-skinned. But none of that matters because all that shines through is their confidence, humor, and comfort with themselves. I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”

Jordin Sparks, Seventeen

“It’s OK to feel crappy sometimes and it’s OK to feel like you don’t look like the next person. But what you have to know is that you are beautiful and you are strong and you are worth it. It’s important to know that.”

Megan Thee Stallion, Billboard

“Confidence literally starts from yourself. You have to go look in the mirror at yourself. If you don’t like what you see, you’re going to give off that energy. I feel like people can tell that you’re not confident in yourself, so they’re going to handle you like you’re not confident. You just have to wake up and think, ‘Okay maybe this is not going good for me today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to go good for you next month.'”

Victoria Justice, Seventeen

“Recently, I started realizing that not everything about my body, or my face, or my hair has to be perfect. I should just wake up and be grateful every single day that I have two arms and two legs, that I’m healthy, and that my family is healthy. Those are the things that you really need to be thinking about and be grateful for.”

Danielle Brooks, Us Weekly

“I have a great stylist who makes sure he brings me things that fit. That helps the confidence … don’t go trying on clothes that you know aren’t gonna work.”

Oprah Winfrey, Business Insider

“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

Priyanka Chopra, BUILD Series LDN

“The only thing you need to wear well is your confidence.”

Demi Lovato

“I’m not a model, I have curves. I find things that accentuate my body, and I always wear things that I feel comfortable in.”

Troian Bellisario

“I believe in waking up everyday and taking a good step towards health and honouring your body. Remember that you are young, beautiful everything in this world.”

Olivia Rodrigo on self-worth

“I write songs about not feeling like I’m enough and feeling insecure and sad – its just sort of ironic how me doing that makes me feel so happy and so powerful.”

Michelle Obama, Women’s Health

“Sometimes I give myself a break. So I will retreat a moment from the fray, just to breathe. Because what I’ve learned is that my immediate reaction cannot be the deciding reaction. So sometimes I just sort of step back a second, and while I’m stepping back, I talk. I reach out to my friends, my mom, my girlfriends; I vent, I release, I have sounding boards, I get pep talks from colleagues and staff, and then I go back in. . . We each have to find our own coping mechanisms–and this isn’t just in terms of the hesitation of finding our voice, but in how we deal with our own stress. It’s almost like sports. You have to learn how to play through a loss, play through pain, play through an embarrassing decision on the field. Maybe you get a time-out, you go on the sidelines, but you’re going to get back in.”

Nina Dobrev

“Everyone has their own insecurities, and that’s just how it is in life. But then you reach a certain point and you realize every person is completely different, so there’s no point in comparing yourself to other people. Something that you see someone else wearing is not going to look the same on you. It’s just not going to be that way.”

Lizzo, Essence

“I made a decision to be myself because I knew I had no choice. Sometimes the label ‘unapologetic’ bothers me because it can be loaded, because it means we have to apologize for something in the first place. I’m not ignorant to the fact that we had to have a demeanor of lowering ourselves culturally just to exist. But I’m trying to shake up the narrative about how we’re supposed to act.”

Joyce Meyer, The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations

“I believe confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do — and not worrying over what you can’t do. A confident person is open to learning, because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through life’s doorways, eager to discover what waits on the other side. She knows that every new unknown is a chance to learn more about herself and unleash her abilities.”

“Don’t just try to “make it” through the day. Celebrate the day. Say, “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it” (see Psalm 118:24). Don’t dread the day; attack the day. Know what you want to accomplish today and go for it.”

Solange, Teen Vogue

I didn’t have the confidence I have now during my teenage years. I had all of these wild ideas that I spent a lot of time trying to convey and convince myself of. But over time you evolve and become really, really comfortable with who you are. Don’t apologize for it! Stand firm and stay consistent. It’s okay to be versatile and play around, but make sure you really clue into what you’re good at. If you there’s something you have a strength in, hold tight to it.”

Emma Roberts, Seventeen

“I dress for myself because when I feel good, it doesn’t matter what other people say. I think it’s all about confidence and the way you carry yourself that draws people to you.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NowThis News

“I know when I was growing up, I didn’t see any women like me in positions of leadership. And so when you’re only seeing white dudes just like, running the world, you think you need to act like a white dude to run the world. The problem is that mold wasn’t made for you. And so even if you try the hardest at being that, you will not be as good as someone who is just that already. That’s why I’ve tried really hard to authentically be myself while I’m here in this moment and in this position, because I want to show other people that there are other ways of being powerful in the world.”

 Lea Michele, Us Weekly

“I truly feel the most confident when I’m getting out of the bath with no clothes on, I don’t love wearing a lot of makeup. Of course, that stuff is super-duper fun but I’m grateful that without the makeup and without the hair and without all the fancy clothes, I can still feel super beautiful in that moment.”

Lily Collins

“I think it’s important to relate to one another about issues that you’re having, because the second you open up and someone else says, ‘Oh, me too. I feel the same way,’ then all of a sudden, you feel more at peace with yourself and you can feel more confident with who you are.”

Teyana Taylor, Us Weekly

“I don’t think anybody in this world is 100 percent confident, but I mean, as a mom, when you look at your kid, you’re gonna always feel amazingly beautiful,”

Beyoncé Knowles, Complex

“When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me.”

Indra Nooyi, BlogHer Keynote Address

“Speak out. Establish your knowledge base and be confident in it as a leader.”

Cara Delevingne, Glamour

“I think each of us has to look at the root of the issue as to why we cannot feel good about ourselves often enough to celebrate ourselves. It’s larger than what’s happening in the moment of receiving a compliment. Everyone has to figure out why they don’t agree with what’s being said. It’s a self-confidence thing.”

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