Here Are The Outdated Makeup Trends to Ditch in 2023

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Jacob Webster

As 2023 approaches, we’re reviewing all of the 2022 makeup trends we’ve tried and liked, as well as the ones we didn’t care for as much. There is no doubting that there have been some viral trends and attempts that have been rather intriguing in our first full year in a post-pandemic world, but there have also been those that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

The beginning of the year often signals a new beginning, so why not use this opportunity for beauty buffs to stop engaging in unattractive glam rituals that just don’t look good? Here is our list of trends that should continue through 2022 despite their raised eyebrows.

Shaved/’90s Brows

On beauty TikTok, a growing group of users were taking the risk of shaving off their eyebrows, and the results were unexpected. Shaving off your eyebrows felt like something only the most courageous would do. People who participated in the craze for shaved brows did anything from snip off the ends to completely remove them. Then why were they acting in this way? Well, individuals who had simply the ends of their brows removed said it had a “lifting” effect, similar to getting free Botox (apparently). However, other people just adopted the trend’s extreme end as a brand-new look. When it was revealed on Instagram live that Doja Cat had shaved her hair and brows, we assumed that was the end of it. To our surprise, superstars like Madonna and model Amelia Gray, who recently used TikTok to showcase the new version, are presently sporting bare brows.

On the other hand, everything good has to end. The bad news is that it could take weeks or months for your eyebrows to fully grow back, and that it’s really not worth the bother as you get older because your hair grows back more slowly.

Lubricant As Primer

Squirting copious amounts of sexual lubricant directly into your face was one of the most recent trends that became viral on TikTok in 2022. Why? Because we still strive for skin that always seems damp, lubricant is effective at making things, including skin, extremely moist. Lube functions better than many cosmetic primers available on the market, according to TikTok’s makeup artists and makers of beauty videos, who claim that it not only makes their makeup looks last longer but also makes them seem exceptionally dewy and smooth.

@itsrady Reply to @jacquelinelopez8 πŸ’•:3 #makeup #makeuptransformation #lube #makeuptips #makeuphacks #fyp #fyppagee ♬ SO MANY HOT PEOPLE USED THIS SOUND – π“Šπ“‹Όπ“Šπ“‹Όπ“Š

Was this a brand-new thing? Since both KY Jelly and Vagisil share components with skin care products like glycerin and dimethicone, YouTuber and creator of the Huda Beauty empire Huda Kuttan used them both to prime her face in 2016. She admitted to Cosmopolitan that KY Jelly made her makeup pill, but she insisted that she kept priming her cheeks with Vagisil since it was so effective. There are several personal lubricants on the market now that, thanks to their aloe vera and hyaluronic acid-infused compositions, are almost identical to skin-care products. This is made possible by all the sexual wellness companies that are currently operating in 2021. It was inevitable that one would feel the temptation to test a lubrication higher up on the body.

It was a bad idea to do this. Lube may be used for a variety of fantastic purposes, but do you really need to base your skin with it like a Thanksgiving turkey? Please, no. Using personal lubricant as a cosmetics primer might cause face skin sensitivities and allergies to some of the substances often present in lube, such as castor oil, chlorhexidine, and spermicide, according to Alexis Stephens, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Parkland Dermatology.

Vampire Skin

Despite the fact that the TwilightΒ Cullens’ shimmering vampire skin is entirely imaginary, people were imitating their glimmering faces all over TikTok in 2022. Given that it can be difficult to apply glitter evenly to the skin, some makeup artists are imitating vampire skin by incorporating glitter into their foundation to get a uniformly glittering complexion.


THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER BELLA!!! inspired by @imonaugust (youre a genius)✨ #twilight #glitter #teamedward #makeup

♬ Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) – Blue Foundation & Zeds Dead

Just for Halloween, it was adorable. It’s time to stop the craze for vampire skin, especially on the faces of Twilight characters. Although glitter and shimmer are entertaining, you don’t need to use glitter in your foundation.

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