Embrace Smudged Eyeliner à la Hermès This Summer

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At the iconic Pier 36 nestled along the picturesque East River, Hermès made history with its inaugural U.S. show, unveiling the highly anticipated Resort 2025 collection. Renowned artistic director, Nadège Vanhée, seamlessly blended the energy of New York City with a touch of Parisian sophistication, capturing the essence of urban chic. Drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers navigating the city streets, Vanhée infused the collection with a unique blend of cosmopolitan flair that included newsboy caps, lots and lots of black—and taxi cab yellow Birkin bags.


The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the edgy, smudged eyeliner sported by the models as they strutted down the runway with confidence and poise. This bold beauty statement resonated with both New York and Parisian fashion sensibilities, showcasing a universal appeal that transcends borders. The juxtaposition of raw, urban edge with timeless elegance perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the Hermès brand, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Nadège requested a makeup look that matched the evening’s mood, despite the morning makeup being hazy and misty. Gregoris Pyrpylis, makeup artist and creative director for Hermès Beauty, explained that the stormy and humid weather outside did not detract from the evening’s makeup look but strengthened its impact. Pyrpylis worked backstage to achieve the desired effect.

Pyrpylis opted for the edgy and bold aesthetic of Hermès Beauty’s Le Regard collection to achieve a striking eyeliner look at the once in a lifetime show. The collection includes a range of shades such as browns, greens, deep blues, and dark plums, all available in both matte and iridescent finishes. To enhance the look even further, Pyrpylis incorporated the brand’s upcoming eye pencils, set to be released this fall. Models like Irina Shayk, Karen Elson, Paloma Elsser, and Devyn Garcia were featured with shades like Vert Titien, Bleu Nuit, and Noir Fusain, traced along their waterline and lightly buffed into lashes. Launching in October, the Le Trait liners will offer a total of 40 shades. These new pencils promise to add an extra layer of intensity and drama to any eye makeup look.

The makeup was done using a small brush to create a blendable effect on the eye, with some lashes getting an extra layer for a hazy, misty look. Trait d’Hermès mascara was applied to the lashes’ roots for a punctuated effect. The rest of the makeup was natural, with a light veil of Plein Air Complexion Balm and Rouge Hermès nudes and Hermès lip balm for the lips.

The majority of models opted for a sleek, wet look by slicking back their hair, each one uniquely styled to complement their hair length and texture. For those with longer locks, the effect was undeniably sexy and whip-like, a nod to the house’s equestrian heritage infused with a touch of New York City edge. On the other hand, shorter cuts such as bobs were styled with hair slicked back reminiscent of Trinity from The Matrix, adding a bold and edgy vibe to the overall look.


Trait D’Hermes Revitalizing Care Mascara

Hermès Plein Air – Complexion Balm SPF 30

Rouge Hermès – Matte Lipstick Hermes

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