Doll Lashes: How to Get the Latest Retro Makeup Trend

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For starters, you can greatly improve the appearance of your natural eyelashes by using eyelash extensions. With doll eyelash extensions, this creates a flattering opened-up appearance, especially for monolid, hooded, and almond eyes. They are a wonderful combination of high fashion impact and vintage panache. Due to their capacity to accentuate your eyes’ natural roundness and doll-like look, doll eye eyelash extensions have grown in popularity in recent years.

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Here is all the information you require regarding the fad.

History of the Doll Lash Trend


The doll lash style has a long and illustrious history in the beauty industry and takes inspiration of the clumped, spiky-yet-fluttery eyelashes of 1950s baby dolls and 1980s Barbies and can be enhanced with mascara. It was a defining feature of the mod movement in the middle of the 1960s, when celebrities like Twiggy and Sharon Tate made the look their own. These days, doll lashes are popular among actresses, K-pop singers, and beauty influencers on TikTok. It also embodies the ultra-feminine coquette vibe because to its signature pastel pink and bow-adorned accents.

Who should have doll eyes eyelash extensions?

Doll eyelash extensions are designed to focus on the center of the eye, with the longer ends positioned in the middle and the length moderately receding towards the corners.  These eyelashes are ideal for people with wide-set eyes, almond-shaped eyes, monolids, narrow eyes, and special events.

Creating a lash map for doll eyelash extensions

A doll eyelash map is essential for creating a clean, flawless look. It starts from the inner corner of the eye and moves towards the outer corner. The length of the lashes should range between 8 mm to 12 mm, with a minimum length of 8 mm. A smooth transition in lash lengths should give the lash line a more natural look. When done, the eyelash row should increase in length towards the middle of the eye and get smaller towards the margins.

Types of lashes to use for doll eyes

To create a natural, expressive and soft look of eyelash extensions, the right tools and materials are essential. Three solid options are listed for the types of lashes to use.

Silk lashes -have a natural gloss and add depth and sparkle to the lashes.

Mink lashes – are light and silky, adding structure and density to the lashes.

Cashmere lashes – are 60% lighter than mink lashes and retain their curl well.

Eyelash extension techniques for doll eyes

Classic Doll Eyelash Extension

With one extension fastened to each natural lash, classic doll eyelash extensions are created using the same technique as any other pair of classic lash extensions.

2D Volume Lash Extension

For a set of extensions that are fuller but yet look natural, 2D volume lashes with a 2:1 ratio are the finest choice.

3D Volume Lash Extension

Three extensions are adhered to one extension in a 3:1 ratio to create the popular 3D volume eyelashes. It is important to consider the strength and density of your natural lashes before choosing this bold look. They can cause premature lash shedding, make your natural lash weak due to the weight. Stick with traditional doll eyelash extensions if your lashes are fragile and sparse.

How to Get Doll Lashes

You can choose whether to create your doll lashes by installing faux lashes or by applying mascara to your real eyelashes. Using false eyelashes however, is the best way to create a more defined look.


The goal of mascara-only is to make your lashes look as long and thick as possible. To do this, start by applying a layer of lash primer and hold your mascara wand vertically. After one layer of mascara, dip your mascara wand into black loose powder eyeshadow and comb it through your lashes again. Rinse any remaining eyeshadow off of your wand and finish with another layer of mascara.

Use Individual Lashes

To emphasize the sharper, segmented lashes, use individual lashes and mascara. To create a textured look, use the tip of the mascara wand and paint small sections of the lashes in an upward motion. Then, using tweezers, gently compress sections of the tops of lashes together while separating other sections to create a textured look.

For a mascara tweezer method – compressed sections of the lashes together while separating other sections to create a textured look.

Maintaining doll eyes’ eyelash extensions

The best ways to take care of eyelash extensions are to not pull or pick at them or wash them every day, let them dry completely before brushing them out, sleep with an eye mask on or use a silk pillowcase, stay away from doing it yourself while removing extensions, and stay away from oil-based cosmetics near or on your eyes.

How Long Do Doll Eyelash Extensions Last?

Doll eye lash extensions last 4 to 6 weeks, which is the same duration as real lashes. Booking a touch-up appointment with an artist two to three weeks after the first procedure, however, can extend them. Effectiveness of the treatment and durability of benefits are also influenced by the appropriate aftercare.

Can Doll Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Natural Lashes?

Doll eye eyelash extensions should be done by an experienced lash technician. They must choose the correct length, thickness, and curl of extensions to create the doll eye look. If you decide to remove your extensions, you must choose the correct products. Pulling out your extensions is not recommended and can damage your natural lashes.

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