Schiaparelli’s Aesthetic Was Dramatic and Chic

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Photo: Filippo Fior /

The sculpted models on Schiaparelli’s autumn/winter 2022 haute couture runway in Paris were brightly colored, in contrast to Daniel Roseberry’s more subdued show from the previous season.

Pat McGrath, a renowned makeup artist, took over backstage once more and created a dramatic and chic look. The models’ skin was velvety in texture, as luxurious as the materials used in the collection, and contoured to give the appearance of sculpted, impossibly high cheekbones. McGrath used a variety of classic Spanish-style headwear to emphasize her use of smokey winged eyes and a precisely defined brick-red lip. When a halo of light shined on the lips to demonstrate the accuracy of McGrath’s application, it was especially effective when large brims threw a shadow over the eyes.

Photo: Filippo Fior / Gorunway.c

Like the skin, the hair was extremely shiny, with a rich texture and precise placement. Guido Palou, a master of hairstyling, created flawless updos that were either covered by hats or left uncovered to display his talent. This was a classy, well-thought-out beauty look that emphasized Roseberry’s intriguing forms and opulent textiles.

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