The 2022 MTV VMAs’ best manicures

Tonight at the 2022 MTV VMAs, it had the appearance of being back to way they had been before the pandemic. We were entertained throughout the musically-filled evening by hosts Nicki Minaj, LL Cool J, and Jack Harlow. Even more excitingly and rightfully, Minaj received the 2022 VMA Video Vanguard award. Along with these three famous people, the stage was also graced by the vocal talents of Lizzo, Bad Bunny, and Anitta.

We were captivated by the performances and the clothes that these famous people were wearing both on and off the stage. Their massive feather headpieces, face jewelry, and pulled-back hair had caught our attention, but we were also captivated on all the manicures. Just a few of those that we admire are listed below (The 2022 MTV VMAs’ best manicures).


Arturo Holmes

The rapper, who was born and raised in Atlanta, accessorized her highlighter-green blazer dress with a coifed updo, subtle glam makeup, bare lips, and a silver ombré manicure.

Becky G

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Becky G looked stunning in a sequined dress that mimicked a stained glass window. With bright red stiletto claws, she displayed her West Coast roots. Those fiery nails complemented the vivid red color of her lips.

Lil Nas X 

The rapper made her entrance wearing similar pants and a huge black feather headgear. Though it’s difficult to look away from this ornate feather accessory, the mismatched manicure he sported that evening is equally deserving of praise. Each hand had two nails that were entirely painted black.

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Taylor Swift

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The pop-country singer was up for five awards and won for best long-form video. In a silver cutout outfit that appeared to be a chandelier draped over her torso, she embraced her Moonman. As blinged out as her clothing were her nails and eyes. In the picture above, her metallic bedazzled nails almost look like they belong with her clothing. The medium-length, almond-shaped nails were covered with shiny jewels and gems.

Monét X Change 

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We took sure not to overlook Monét X Change’s white swirly tips even though her enormous afro puffs and vibrant makeup with a tropical theme already drew our attention. She chose a light baby pink foundation for her nude coffin-shaped manicure, with varied white swirls on each nail.

Betty Who 

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The singer-songwriter, who was born in Australia, arrived with black-and-white graphic nails. The nails on each hand varied in appearance. On one hand, each nail has stars of different sizes in both white and black. The index and ring fingers of the other hand were covered in white hearts. The MTV emblem, which was painted in white on the middle finger, is really a tribute to the awards ceremony.

Dove Cameron 

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At the awards ceremony, Dove Cameron opted for a dark, grunge look. She accessorized her strapless leather and flowery gown with plum glossy lips, stiletto-shaped nails, and smoked-out burgundy eyes. Multiple 3D decals were used on this black and silver manicure. On each middle finger, for instance, were silver diamonds and deep crimson rose charms. You could have spotted the black scissor decals on each ring fingernail if you paid close attention.

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