How to Get Your Nails to Grow Quicker, Per Derms

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Breaking a nail is a painful experience that can result in emotional distress and the loss of hard-earned progress. While some people can readily develop long, seductive claws, the majority of people remain locked in the incubator stage, with short, brittle nails. While higher trauma may accelerate nail growth by directing more blood and nutrients to the area, many people prefer alternate methods to achieve natural length.

Signs of Unhealthy Nails

  • Nail peeling or splitting may be due to dryness or vitamin deficiency.
  • Tiny white spots usually indicate excessive nail biting or painting.
  • Horizontal grooves may result from stress, high fevers, or finger jamming.
  • Red, swollen skin around nails could be from removing or biting cuticles
  • Spoon-shaped nails may indicate iron deficiency or anemia. Mm

To grow nails quickly, here’s the 411.

Protect your nails

To keep your nails healthy and moisturized, avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone-based nail polish solvents. As a substitute, choose gentler options such as non-acetone natural removers for an unconventional and healthier solution.

Consider Using a Keratin Supplement

A keratin supplement can help build strength and resiliency in healthy nails, similar to how it works on hair. Taking it orally or applying it topically as an oil can lead to long and healthy nails, enhancing overall nail health.

Keep Up a Healthy Diet

t’s essential to include protein in your diet for both nail growth and general wellness. Healthy nails can result from eating a well-balanced diet high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, such as those found in eggs, lean meats, fish, beans, nuts, and leafy greens. Eating foods high in iron, protein, biotin, and other vital vitamins and minerals will help maintain the general health of your nails.

Try Cuticle Oil

For cuticles in particular, staying hydrated is essential to self-care. Regular application of cuticle oil keeps nails strong and flexible while preventing breakage and picking. By hydrating the cuticle and nail bed, it helps keep dry nails from cracking and breaking. A nail grows fully from cuticle to tip in around 12 weeks. Similar to how a healthy scalp leads to good hair, cuticles determine the health of nails.

Maintain Proper Grooming

Grooming is crucial for maintaining healthy nails, as it removes dead skin and promotes growth. Regular nail clipping stimulates circulation, while keeping nails smooth and filed reduces breakage risk. Trimming nails gently prevents snags, but avoid excessive buffing or filing to prevent thinning. Opt for a gentle file and avoid cuticle cutting when possible.

Use a Nail Strengthening Agent.

Nail strengtheners or hardeners are essential for maintaining strong nails, preventing breakage and promoting long-lasting growth without breaking.

Take Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that aids in the body’s processing of glucose, fats, and proteins, making it a popular choice for nail growth. Those with biotin deficiencies often experience brittle nails. Biotin supplements have been found to improve nail growth and thickness, with some studies showing improvement in nail firmness, hardness, and thickness in individuals taking 2.5 mg of biotin. However, the FDA warns that biotin may interfere with certain laboratory tests, such as thyroid and troponin levels, so it’s important to stop supplements before lab work. It’s also important to mention all medications, including supplements, when visiting a doctor. Before starting a supplement like biotin, consult with your doctor to determine the best treatment. Additionally, there are dietary sources of biotin.

Include a Growth Treatment

Nail growth treatments, either individually or combined with strengthening serums, can promote faster nail growth, but it’s crucial to consult a doctor before use.

Skip Nail Enhancements

Avoiding nail enhancements like acrylics can help combat nail-biting habits but can also weaken nails, reduce breakage, and cause them to harden. Regular manicures, acrylic nails, gel polish, and improper removal methods can damage nails, making them weak and prone to breakage.

Limit Water Exposure

Excessive water and strong chemicals can weaken nails, resulting in breakage and restricted development. To minimize this, patients should limit their exposure to water, such as wearing gloves while washing dishes. However, drinking enough water is essential for maintaining nail hydration and flexibility, which stimulates growth. Drinking enough water helps to keep nails growing and flexible.

Try collagen

Collagen supplements, particularly powdered ones, have been shown to improve the moisture and flexibility of nails and skin, hence improving the body’s overall health in hair, nails and skin.

Be Gentle With Them

To promote nail growth, be gentle with your nails and avoid using them as tools. Avoid biting or causing trauma to cuticles through picking, cutting, pushing, or trimming, as these can impact nail growth, cause inflamed skin, and cause frequent nail injuries.

Go for the Vaseline

Vaseline can help strengthen your nails by retaining moisture, maintaining soft skin, and reducing trauma and inflammation, enhancing nail appearance.

Finally, Be Patient

Growing nails requires patience and consistency, so don’t rush it. Maintaining a consistent nail care routine is crucial for optimal results. Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice if you have specific nail concerns, as results may vary from person to person.

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