Beginner’s Guide to Applying Eyeshadow Like A Pro

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Applying eyeshadow can be tricky for a beginner. If done properly your eyes stand out and look more attractive. However, the process of getting the perfect look can be very intimidating at first glance.

This post will answer questions like how to choose the right color for your skin tone, how to use a makeup brush and so much more.

To apply eyeshadow as a beginner you’d have to

1. Know your eye shape

Establishing the shape of your eye helps you know how to apply your eyeshadow. There are different types of unique eye shapes but only 6 are generally considered:

  • round
  • monoloid
  • hooded
  • downturned
  • upturned
  • almond

Already knowing this gives you an idea of what eyeshadow would suit you.

2. Know the right terminology

Learning the right lingo/terminology helps you follow through a makeup tutorial without utterly feeling lost. Take your time to study the picture below.

3. Use the right tool for the right job

You’ll need the following to get the job done. This includes:

  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Eyeshadow base
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • False lashes (optional)
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner

4. Start with an eyeshadow primer

Primers help your makeup last longer by creating an extra layer between your akin and makeup. Once you’ve applied the primer, allow to dry the proceed to apply your eyeshadow base. A foundation will do if no eyeshadow base is available.

5. Apply a neutral shadow color to your lids

Choose a color that’s similar to the color of your skin i.e. your skin tone. Using your eyeshadow brush gently apply the color. Start with less product and add more if needed Note: do note go for the lightest or darkest hue.  

For a dramatic smoky eye, apply base color all the way to your brow but if you’re going for an everyday look stop at the crease.

Pro tip: If you have a light skin use a base shade that’s a little bit darker than your skin complexion. A lighter shade is great for a darker complexion to make your eye pop.

6. Apply a Dark eyeshadow in the eye crease

While sweeping the eyeshadow brush back and front concentrate a darker shadow in the crease. You can also use your fingers across the area several times.

Pro tip: If you have hooded eyes apply the darker shade just above the eye crease to prevent the color from disappearing when you open your eyes. To ensure uniformity on both eyes, clean off any remnant color from the brush. If your eyes don’t look identical avoid adding more eyeshadow to the one with less, instead, use a cotton swap to wipe off excess on the eye with more.

7. Line your lash line with a darker eye liner

Using an eyeliner not only makes your eye pop but also makes your lashes thicker and eyes wider creating a dramatic look. If you’re not comfortable with an eyeliner go for a very dark eyeshadow.

8. Accentuate with a shimmer shadow

If you love to highlight and accentuate areas of your eyebrow apply shimmery pale eyeshadow or pencil under your brow.

9. Wear mascara

Finish your look with a few coats of mascara. Mascara adds length, thickness and a darker hue to your lashes. For a more natural look swipe on a coat of clear mascara – it doesn’t add any color to your lashes but still does the job.  

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