Zendaya Stands Out in a Beige Cropped Cardigan in the Desert

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Zendaya is one of the few celebrities that can fit in while still standing out. The actor just uploaded a photo of, well, some dunes. She is presently filming the Dune sequel. The fashion diva went for a straightforward camel cardigan that was only buttoned at the top and a single diamond necklace as she basked in the desert sun, letting her hair fall down. Zendaya is on a plane by herself; normal mortals could not pull off this understated and exquisite appearance.

Putting aside fan speculations (Zendaya may be in one of the Dune movie locales, from Abu Dhabi to Jordan, Budapest to Italy), we’re fascinated by the opportunities such desert countries provide for fashion shoots. Natural wind generator: checked! Beautiful backgrounds beckoning editors’ favorite neutrals in their suitcases? You bet! Zendaya seemed more like a supermodel than a sand combatant with her hair framing her golden-hour complexion and billowing in the wind.

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