Zendaya Radiates in a Brilliant Orange Ensemble Straight Off the Runway

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Zendaya is presently competing to see who can put their finger on it first.

She and stylist Law Roach’s pastime is snatching up the sexiest spring/summer 2023 ensembles, and unsurprisingly, they’re on a winning streak. The Dune actor wowed in Jonathan Anderson’s famous Loewe anthurium dress and introduced Valentino’s new Toile Iconographe emblem in the front row.

Zendaya introduced Valentino’s new Toile Iconographe emblem in the front row. BACKGRID

Roach chose a pair of eye-catching patent coords from Maximilian Davis’s debut Ferragamo collection for a small Instagram photoshoot, which the duo also enjoy shooting. As part of the London designer’s “reenergising” of the house codes, which are partly based on Davis’s own Trinidadian history, the degradé effect, which was also painted across the house’s modern clothing shapes, bled rich oxbloods into apricots and tangerines into gentle bright yellows.

Zendaya talked candidly about her passion for fashion and her approach to red-carpet appearances in a recent interview.

“I think of it like when I’m playing a character, it’s kind of what Law and I do on red carpets, we pick and create these characters, and I’ve just enjoyed it so much over the years,” she said.

“I always loved clothes and they were in many ways a tool of expression,” she added. “Fashion has taught me so much about myself and how to be so much more fearless in a lot of different ways. It has also helped me in other avenues of my life whether it be business or even as an actress to be more fearless and to not be so concerned with other people’s point of view of what I look like or what I’m wearing.”

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