Tessa Thompson Exudes Ethereal Beauty in a Luminescent Nude Gown

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Tessa Thompson has the best red carpet presence.The actress nailed the futuristic look of the program while attending the Westworld Season 4 premiere by donning an iridescent nude Interior gown. According to the brand’s website, the $10,000 dress, known as The Callisto Gown, is made of crinkled sheer silk metal. Flared sleeves, a light train, and an open back with black velvet panne ribbons are further characteristics.Thompson completed the look by donning the Gianvito Rossi nude shoes and the Pétale de Perle ring from Reza. Her glam was moody and dark, with Keita Moore’s smokey winged eye taking center stage. The star’s hair was pulled back by hairstylist Lacy Redway with a black ribbon that served as a choker, creating a sleek and feminine look.


For Thompson, striking appearances are nothing unusual. She wore a cutting-edge style for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week while conducting press for the upcoming season of Westworld! A mustard-yellow tank top with a turtleneck underneath was worn with a skirt that had a pair of pants printed on it.


The celebrity discussed her nontraditional approach to red-carpet dressing in an InStyle interview from 2021 – “Why not? For me, it’s a character. If you play a lot of villains, people wonder if there’s something sinister about you,” she told the magazine. “In the same way, if you have a latex whip for your hair, people assume that your personal life is a lot more festive than it actually is, which I think is the case with me.”

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