Kendall Jenner Expands Her Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Collection

Kendall Jenner is a classic Jean Paul Gaultier aficionado. She has recently been spotted wearing several vintage designs from the French fashion house, including a set with a bald eagle print and a pair of matching coords with a butterfly print from the nineties.

The latest addition to Jenner’s extensive collection is a vintage Venus De Milo halter neck dress from spring/summer 1999 that she purchased from online vintage retailer Opulent Addict. She accessorized the look with silver Abundant Dream earrings by Alighieri. The iconic print is inspired by a Greek statue bearing the same name, and the model previously wore similar top with the classical bust.

The supermodel’s trip to the beach follows a frantic New York Fashion Week, which she skipped this year. She might walk a few shows at Paris Fashion Week, which starts early in the next month.

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