Julia Roberts Looks Athletic and Chic In A Gucci x Adidas Suit and Tie

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Julia Roberts has a reputation for wearing sharp suits. In contrast to the understatedly bright fashions that characterized her red-carpet style in the ’90s and ’00s, her most recent tailoring fix is sporty. Roberts’s new Adidas X Gucci suit, which she donned to join co-star George Clooney on Jimmy Kimmel Live, has a more modern flare than the sleazy grey Armani she wore to the Golden Globes in 1990 (hey, power shoulders!).


It included a black faux fur cuff, black stripes that are distinctive to Adidas, the Gucci x Adidas emblem on the chest, and a double-breasted beige suit jacket with golden buttons. Roberts paired the wide-leg, pleated beige trousers with a pair of gleaming, black, pointed-toe shoes. The pants featured the same stripes running down the sides and were folded at the bottom.

She accessorized the look with black aviator sunglasses, gold jewelry, a black manicure, and a pristine white dress shirt and tie underneath the suit. She had her hair down in free waves, and her makeup was simple.


She strolled hand in hand with Clooney, who looked as dashing as ever. The actor donned a gray suit, a black dress shirt, and black dress shoes, with just blue-tinted sunglasses, a silver watch, and his silver wedding band as accessories.

Clooney and Roberts co-star in Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy. The actors have talked about their time spending so many months working together in Australia in recent weeks while promoting the film. According to Roberts, her longtime pal Clooney kept her from feeling “total loneliness and misery” when she was away from her family. And during a TODAY show interview, Clooney made light of the uncomfortable situation of having to kiss his closest friend.

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