In Vivienne Westwood Rihanna Is All About Vintage Pieces

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Rihanna’s knack for breathing new life into pieces from bygone eras is evident in her ability to effortlessly blend the old with the new, creating looks that are both timeless and cutting-edge. Her fashion mastery allows her to curate a collection that is not only visually striking but also a testament to her impeccable taste and innovative approach to style. So, it’s no surprise, Rihanna made a bold statement in Los Angeles by donning an all-black ensemble that included two stunning pieces from the ’90s.

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She wore a black velvet double-breasted coat by Vivienne Westwood, a Penny Lane coat from the label’s autumn/winter 1992 collection. She paired it with Miaou lace-up pants and Tom Ford accessories like sunglasses and stilettos. Her handbag was a Fendi cow-print bag in pink and brown, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

The mogul completed the ensemble by adding some opulent essentials from Tom Ford, including leather padlock stilettos and tortoiseshell aviator shades.

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