Giorgio Moroder Supports Fendi’s Ultra-luxury Efforts

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The soundtrack, a masterful performance by the founder of disco, Giorgio Moroder, was the collection’s main star. It had a ton of luxury that was tastefully showcased. From the shearling baguette bags designed to resemble freshly baked bread to the gorgeous oversized denim blouses fashioned from mink or shearling, everything is tinged with a sense of humor.

A number of silver disco balls were shown in a highly stylish set above the 1,200 attendees of this concert, rotating on an elevated aluminum track.

First in tailoring, whether it be the frayed-hemmed mini-capes or the grey felt shirts that transformed into ponchos. Several single-sleeve shirts in dazzling aqua chenille or anthracite cashmere were present. Additionally, double-breasted topcoats that reach the ankles are a big male style. Even ragged trim was used to complete one.

A large portion of the collection was matched with a fantastic line of raised lettering bags and multi-pocket fanny packs with elegant dystopian designs. Best of all, experiment with the house coats in bulky cashmere scarves, mohair blankets, or weekend bags using various geometric monograms and logo gimmicks. Imperial Roman purple, the trendy hue of the season, may be seen in leather slacks, rawhide letter bags, and deerskin shirt coats, all of which reflect the renewed optimism permeating Milan.

Another brand-new accessory was a cluster of five cascading and interconnected Fs that was used on earrings and necklaces to represent the five vivacious daughters of house founder Eduardo: Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla, and Adda. Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Silvia’s daughter, created this. This was another wonderful chapter in the history of this house, which has a long history of cooperative relationships.

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