Chanel’s Formula One-Inspired Cruise Show In Monaco: 5 Things To Know

Pascal Le Segretain

The Monte Carlo seaside served as the catwalk for a pageant of supermodels costumed in a lighthearted tribute to grand prix glitter for Chanel’s first fashion presentation outside of France since the epidemic. The 67 models wore pastel tweeds and gold lamé racing driver jumpsuits, as well as No. 5 helmets. Virginie Viard, the creative director of Chanel, flew the fashion set – including Princess Caroline and South Korean artist G-Dragon – to Monaco for the Cruise 2023 show.

There was a raunchy edge to the collection.

The Monte-Carlo Beach hotel welcomed 400 guests, including Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis, Tilda Swindon, and Sofia Coppola, who sat on sun loungers positioned along the pebbly beach and pier. Models walked the runway in Formula 1-style jumpsuits – though in tweed and adorned with a camellia brooch; spotless tennis outfits; summer silk dresses with checkered finish-line flag patterns; and (because money talks) metallic pants and gilded tweed jackets.

Pascal Le Segretain

It was all about Karl Lagerfeld in the end

Lunch was served at the Maybourne Riviera, a modernist hotel set on the rocky peninsula of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin that looks straight out of a James Bond film. A sunset meal at Villa La Vigie (which translates as “the viewpoint”), the vast ancient mansion on the French Riviera that was previously home to Karl Lagerfeld, will bring the festivities to a close. Lagerfeld rented the neoclassical home, which dates back to 1902, from 1988 to the late 1990s, and features massive Corinthian columns, a majestic entrance hall, and expansive Mediterranean gardens.

Pascal Le Segretain

It’s a game of numbers.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was a superstitious woman who surrounded herself with talismans for protection and success. (She was a Leo, the fifth zodiac sign, so No.5) As a result, the date 5/5/22 was chosen because it incorporates two of Chanel’s distinctive numerals. Speaking of 22, the new 22 bag, which was just released in stores, is already a tremendous hit. In white, black, or Pepto-Bismol pink, almost everyone else was carrying one.

Pascal Le Segretain

There were a lot of accessories.

Fishnet fingerless gloves, small purses on necklaces, no-holds-barred gold jewelry, and white leather tennis racket backpacks are among the highlights.

Pascal Le Segretain

A film trailer directed by Coppola captured life in the fast lane.

Virginie Viard commissioned Sofia and Roman Coppola to make a video with Chanel ambassadors Lyna Khoudri, Blesnya Minher, HyunJi Shin, Mariam de Vinzelle, and Vivienne Rohner. The film includes archival footage of Gabrielle Chanel on the French Riviera (she founded one of her first boutiques in Monte Carlo’s Hotel de L’Hermitage in 1913 – it’s also where she met the Duke of Westminster in 1923), as well as Chanel commercial campaigns shot in Monaco by Karl Lagerfeld.

Pascal Le Segretain

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