All the facts about the V&A’s tremendous Coco Chanel exhibition

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This year, the V&A is set to host a historic exhibition inspired by Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s contribution to fashion. With the theme Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto the show will chart the evolution of Chanel’s designs and the establishment of her house of Chanel from 1910 to 1971. It will be the first UK exhibition of its kind.

Fashion pioneer Coco Chanel changed how people dressed in the early 20th century and is credited with making athletic, casual chic the norm for women’s fashion in the years following World War I. Chanel expanded her reach beyond haute couture fashion by incorporating her aesthetic design into jewelry, handbags, and scent. In fact, her renowned interlocked-CC monogram has been in vogue since the 1920s.


When is the opening date for the V&A Chanel exhibition?

Gabrielle Chanel’s Fashion Manifesto will run from September 2023 to February 2024 at the V&A.

Where can I get exhibition tickets?

Members of the V&A don’t need to book tickets for the exhibition, which is available for £24 ($29.87) on the V&A website.

This will be the first Coco Chanel exhibition in the UK.

This is the V&A first full retrospective of Chanel’s archive in the UK. Over 200 outfits created by the French couturière will be on display, along with jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, and scent. It will be redesigned for the V&A based on the Gabrielle Chanel Fashion Manifesto exhibition organized by the Palais Galliera in Paris. Along with previously unseen items from the V&A’s own collection, it will also include vintage pieces from Chanel’s legacy collections, including outfits worn by A-list celebrities.

The show reinvents the Paris Palais Galliera exposition.

Gabrielle Chanel’s Fashion Manifesto is the third fashion exhibition to be held at the V&A, after Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams and Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, both of which originated at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Chanel’s iconic designs will be explored.

Chanel’s iconic designs will be exhibited in remarkable quantities at the V&A show. The introduction will give a brief history of Gabrielle Chanel’s career as a milliner and the establishment of her first store on the rue Cambon in 1910. Additionally, it will highlight how Chanel created a recognizable distinctive look in the 1920s and 1930s that included simple color schemes, flowing fabrics, and clean lines.

It will be followed by a collection of her most famous designs, including the little black dress, the 2.55 handbag (the most famous bag by the house even to this day), tweed jackets, magnificently embroidered evening dresses, and the traditional Chanel costume pearls.

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