How to Look Good Everyday Effortlessly

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Looking good everyday is a major goal for every girl. Read on to discover simple steps that will help you feel confident and good everyday.

Get enough sleep for at least 6 hours

Getting adequate amount of sleep isn’t only about total hours of sleep.  It’s important to get good quality sleep on a regular schedule so you feel rested when you wake up i.e if you go to bed by 9pm daily, it’s important the following day you go to bed 9 pm the following day. Getting enough sleep helps to improve our memory, helps reduce stress (see my post on the benefits of sleep).

Always remember to brush your teeth

You wouldn’t want to start your day with a smelling mouth. Apart from saving our friends,classmates or colleagues the stress of enduring to talk to us for the sake of being nice, brushing out teeth daily improves cognitive ability. (See my post on benefits of brushing our teeth.

Use a mouthwash or a mint gum

This helps to keep your mouth smelling fresh. Using a mouthwash with antibacterial activity kills germs left from food debris.

Put on deodorant

The last thing you need to spoil our day is emitting toxic body odor. I say toxic because it prevents you from performing our daily tasks effectively and it’s embarrassing for you to walk into a room with people wondering if actually you took your bath.

Wear makeup

Applying a touch of makeup not only increases our self confidence but also protects our skin from harsh weather conditions.

Drink Water

Drinking as recommended 8 ounces of water daily gives you a glowing, soft and fresh skin. Most skin problems can be solves by just drinking adequate amount of water daily.

Be positive

I always start my day with a prayer and telling myself I’m the BEST and today is going to be my best day. You should try it, starting your day with the right amount of positivity can work magic. Positive thinking makes you more productive, healthier and also happier.

Lastly Always Smile !!

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