Here’s How to Take Care of Your Handbag According to Experts

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Knowing how to care for your handbag is an important life hack that you need. While investing in a designer piece, high street gem, leather bags is great – not maintaining it can cause wear and tear. Proper maintenance keeps its value after a few years and makes the handbags unassumingly durable.

Lack of maintenance starts with a scratch, a small stain or even an unsightly wrinkle. Ahead we go through how to clean your bag in detail – storage methods, cleaning hacks and techniques for maintaining your handbag’s shape.

1. Clean

Cleaning of bags depends on the material used – nylon cleans differently from leather bags.

For nylon

  • Gently hand wash nylon with mild soap, rinse with water, press almost dry with clean towel and air dry for a couple of hours.

For leather

  • Clean the inside and outside of your leather body with foamy water, massaging it slowly into the bag.
  • Allow to dry for few minutes, then apply a handbag protection cream. Apply on the handbags, bag comers and frequently touched areas.

How to remove liquid stains from a leather bag

Liquid stains are the most common issues seen in luxury leather bags. Removing stains do not involve water or any household cleaning products – this only makes the staining worse.

  • Absorb as much liquid stain as you ca by blotting the stained area with a clean, dry tissue or cloth.
  • Once the excess liquid has been removed blot with a damp cloth or tissue (using warm water)
  • Start at the outside of the stain and work inwards – this prevents it from spreading outwards.
  • Dab the stained area with a dry cloth or tissue to absorb any leftover water and cleaner. Avoid rubbing as this can cause stain to spread.
  • Pro tip: When cleaning your leather handbag
  • Be faithful to a proper handbag cleaner. Do not use baby wipes or home remedy tips for cleaning or stain removal. Why? These product contain chemicals and other substances that can change the colour, build up crease and even dry out the leather.
  • Do a spot test cleaning method preferably inside the leather bag before using.
  • The best way to remove inl marks is to treat and clean as soon as the stain happens
  • For old stains you’ll need professional care.

How to remove odors from leather bag

  • Stubborn odors are usually caused by stubborn bacteria to remove odor you’ll need to clean properly.
  • Check if the product is suitable for the lining and exterior of your leather bag.
  • Pull out the lining (if it easily pulls out) and clean thoroughly.
  • Bacterias are mainly the cause of odors in bags – get into all pockets in the leather bag to clear out all the bacteria.
  • Clean handles and anywhere oils have been absorbed as they can also cause odors.
  • Finish cleaning by applying protection cream on any leather bag.

Don’t do this when cleaning leather bags

  • Do not use saddle soap – may be too strong and cause discoloring.
  • Never use water on grease stains.
  • Avoid holding if your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream.
  • Do not leave your handbag in direct sunlight.

2. Do not hang your handbag

It’s normal to sling your bag over a hook, a door handle after a long day butt this may distort your leather bag. Instead stand it upright.

3. Use a Dust Bag

A dust bag is a simple yet efficient storage solution – it helps. Keep your bag out of direct sunlight and other elements such as water. A handbag usually comes with a dust bag but there are varieties of eco-friendly options you can choose from.

4. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Direct sunglight is bad news for yor bag and should be avoided. Storre somewhere cool to prevent discoloration and with low humidity to avoid mold.

5. Ditch Plastic Poly Bags

Poly Bags are entirely different from dust bags. A plastic polybag can stick to the leather in a long run and cause damage. Aesthetically, a dust bag is far more pleasing to the eyes.

6. Opt for Maintenance Products

While leather ages gracefully, a dash of maintenance product goes a long way. Depending on the type of leather – leather cream, cleaner or protectant will do.

7. Stuff to Maintain Bag Shape

Stuffing your handbag with rolled up sweaters helps maintain the shape and prevent sunken-in handbag.

8. Use a Handbag liner

A bag liner helps protect your bag’s insides from spills, especially if you swap your bags regularly. Aside a fully protected bag, you’ll also get even more pockets for storing things.

9. Zip or Fasten the Handbags and Overlap Handles On Top of it.

Allowing heavy bag hang on the side of the bag can be damaging especially when not in use. Be sure to alwas zip, fasten and overlap any handles on top of it.

10. Fix damage as it happens, Don’t wait

Don’t wait to repair damages all at once at the first sight visit a leather repair shop or a seamstres to repair depending on damage.

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