Coach Bags: Your Ultimate Guide to Care and Style

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Coach quickly comes to mind when considering a timeless, buy-now-wear-forever purse. The New York design house, which first appeared in the 1940s, has now grown to include a complete ready-to-wear collection but is still renowned for its classic bags and accessories. Coach has one of the widest selections of bags available, with something to suit every need and every taste, from commuting-friendly totes to trendy small bags that are the ideal all-day daily companion.

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So how can I care and style my coach bag?

Are Coach bags made of leather?
Premium leather is used for the majority of Coach bags. The Original American House of Leather, the company’s inaugural slogan, reflected the brand’s history as a maker of beautiful yet useful leather goods. So you can be sure you’re purchasing a high-quality, long-lasting item when you purchase a leather Coach bag. By pledging to acquire 90% of their leather from Silver- and Gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries by 2025, they’re also committing to making their leather bags more environmentally friendly.

Coated canvas, which is manufactured by coating woven canvas with wax or resin to make it waterproof and durable, is another material that Coach bags frequently use in addition to leather. Their signature print is made using this material.

Coach recommends specific products for cleaning its purses, such as pre-treated and in-store cleaning. If the purse is pre-treated, it can be cleaned with warm water and a soft washcloth. If the store does not offer this service, contact the Coach company to find a store near you that may offer this service. If the store does not offer this service, contact the manager and find out if there is a repair store where the bag can be cleaned. If you don’t have access to a Coach cleaner, you can try alternative purse cleaning ideas such as the methods below.

How to care for Coach bags

Cleaning coated canvas:

The protective covering on coated canvas makes it very simple to clean. Once you become aware of any marks;
1. To start, use a dry cloth to wipe your bag down and get rid of any loose dust or debris.
2. Use some lukewarm water with a little fabric detergent or soap for a thorough cleanse, and then gently wipe off the exterior with a towel.
3. Allow the bag to completely air dry, but keep it out of the sun.

Taking care of leather bags:

Since leather is a type of skin, it requires special upkeep. Try to give your bag a thorough cleaning every three months to keep it looking brand-new, but preserve it right away.Get a leather protection spray and thoroughly spray the bag with it on the first day to protect it. This will assist in forming a seal over the leather to guard against stains, sun damage, and watermarks. Additionally, think about storing your items in a dust bag or makeup bag to help prevent stains on the interior.

For a comprehensive all-over clean

1. Use a mild, dye-free fabric cleanser in warm water beginning with the interior. To create a lather, gently rub the inner lining in small circles.
2. Make your way outside. Use the interior cleaner’s recipe if you don’t have a specific leather cleaner. Gently wipe this throughout the entire bag.
3. You can use a tiny cloth and surface polish to clean and polish any metal hardware.
4. You should let your bags air dry completely.
5. Use specific leather conditioner to deep condition your bag at least twice a year. To avoid peeling or cracking, it’s also a good idea to apply this immediately to any minor surface blemishes.

Cleaning a Suede Leather Purse

Although Coach doesn’t make a special cleaning solution for suede bags, there are other options.

1. Fill a clean cloth with a small bit of vinegar.
2. Wipe the stained area gently
3. Dab the moist area of the bag with a clean cloth.
4. Allow to air dry away from direct sunlight.
5. Once dried, use a suede eraser to get rid of any last stains.
6. Apply a small metal brush on a flat surface in a circular motion to make it look as good as new.


Coach handbags are a big investment, so it is important to protect them with products such as Scotch Guard and Coach’s leather moisturizers. Keep them clean and use them as long as possible, as they are a big investment.

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