The “Beautiful” Frenzy Over Telfar Clemens’ bags – Here’s How To Get One

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An It bag has the power to enthrall people for some reason. Perhaps it’s because these purses frequently combine functionality with ornamentation. Wearing it every day will help you to rationalize the purchase. On websites like the RealReal, the Dior saddle bag has recently been a huge seller. Also popular with top models are Prada’s relaunched nylon small bags. However, Telfar’s shopping bags top all of them.

While most luxury companies suffered in 2020 as a result of the severe downturn in the economy, Telfar, lead by Liberian-American fashion designer Telfar Clemens, appeared to have its finest year yet.


Demand for the brand’s items appears to have only increased since Lyst, a worldwide fashion buying site, disclosed in its Year in Fashion Report at the end of the year that searches for the brand had increased by 270 percent week over week. This year, the brand had a boost in sale due to Beyonce. “This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them shit’s in storage.” was the line everyone was talking about from Beyoncé’s latest album, which dropped on 29 July – sending searches for the affordable luxe US brand soaring.

Beyoncé, who has 271 million Instagram followers, first made Telfar’s cult favorite Shopping Bag known to her following when she uploaded a photo on Instagram while wearing a white version of it last year. It is difficult to obtain, just like other “it bags” because the most recent drop, on Tuesday at 12 p.m. (EST), sold out almost immediately. The “Bushwick Birkin” bag, which is ironically named after the working-class Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, retails for between $150 and $300, depending on size. The retail price of the Birkin ranges from $10,000 to more than $500,000.

With his affordable pricing points, practical designs, and drop model, Telfar Clemens, a Liberian-American designer from Queens, New York, is renowned for democratizing luxury. The Shopping Bag is viewed by fans as a representation of the Black and queer communities. According to a Morning Consult Survey commissioned by Bloomberg, more than 25% of Black Americans, and up to 40% of Black Americans under the age of 35, say they frequently buy from Black-owned firms.

Despite the fact that Telfar produces a wide range of goods, including footwear and clothing, none are as well-known as the cult classic Shopping Bag. It is almost impossible to find. The brand held a one-day pop-up shop in Brooklyn on Sunday, Sept. 11, in honor of New York Fashion Week, giving customers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to purchase a bag. Those who missed the event will find out everything they need to know about the popularity of the bag and how to get one here.

What makes Telfar bags so popular?

Clemens founded the company in 2005, and in 2014 he unveiled the cult-favorite Shopping Bag. But things didn’t really take off until quite recently. The brand, and the Shopping Bag in particular, saw some of its most significant moments in 2020. The brand received love from celebrities who were spotted carrying the bag around, increasing its appeal. Clemens gained industry recognition when he won the American Accessory Designer of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2021 and 2022.

Oprah, then listed it as one of her “favorite things” for the year 2020. Following that announcement, the company released the bags on Amazon for the first time ever, where they naturally sold out very immediately.

The brand, which goes by the slogan “not for you — for everyone,” has garnered praise for its emphasis on inclusivity, something you don’t always see in the world of high-fashion, and this has led to legions of admirers while the bags have grown popular among well-known celebrities. In instance, when Guess’ G-Label Tote bag had a logo and design that some thought was too close to Telfar in March 2021, Telfar enthusiasts defended the brand. Later, the Guess tote’s handbag licensee, Signal Brands, stated it was ceasing production of the bag.

Due to its appeal to the Brooklyn crowd, the Shopping Bag has earned the moniker “Bushwick Birkin.” The company’s marketing materials feature a variety of faces, and the low price makes it seem more approachable. Although the bags start at $150, they are actually quite affordable when compared to other designer handbags, such as those from Birkin.

How do you buy a Telfar bag?

There are a few ways for anyone who want one of the bags to get their hands on one. You can wait for the company’s upcoming Bag Security Program, a short-term promotion that will allow clients to purchase shopping bags in any size, color, and quantity, and the company will produce them specifically for them. However, the most recent incident happened in April, so the following one might not happen for a long. Otherwise, you can keep an eye out for notifications about recurring restocks, drops, or upcoming Bag Security Program events via Telfar’s website, Instagram page, or Telfar TV app.

According to the brand, each bag is crafted from vegan leather and has handles as well as cross-body straps for versatility in wearing. The elegant form, which incorporates the now-iconic Telfar emblem, and ample carrying space allow it to come in a range of colors and merge fashion with utility.

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