Everything You Need To Know About The Barbarella Remake Which Stars Sydney Sweeney

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The remake of the 1986 science fiction film Barbarella by Sony Pictures introduces a new female superhero. And who would be brave enough to take on a character that Jane Fonda once played? That would be Sydney Sweeney.

Jane Fonda played the title space traveler in a comic book adaptation by French author and artist Jean-Claude Forest. On October 11, Deadline officially revealed that Sydney Sweeney, who starred in the film Euphoria, will be playing Fonda’s legendary part in the forthcoming adaptation.

Following her breakthrough performances in the first seasons of HBO’s The White Lotus and Euphoria, which both earned her Emmy nominations, Sweeney has swiftly established herself as one of the industry’s most in-demand young talents. Along with Madame Webb (where she is star opposite Dakota Johnson in theSpider-Man spinoff), she recently finished filming the Tony Tost movie National Anthem, which also features Halsey, Simon Rex, and Reality.

She just started a production firm and has taken an active role in that stage of the venture. Along with The Registration, Sweeney and Endeavor Content have collaborated to create a TV version of The Players Table.

For all the information we have about Barbarella, keep reading.

When does Barbarella come out?

There are little details available for the forthcoming remake. Barbarella is “still in development with no writer or director attached,” according to Deadline. The star of Euphoria is anticipated to executive produce, though.

What is Barbarella about?

In the first movie, Jane Fonda played a space explorer from the 41st century who was sent on a mission to find Durand Durand, the inventor of a nuclear weapon that was thought to be capable of wreaking havoc on Earth, in the Tau Ceti planetary system. She crashes and is rendered unconscious, which causes her journey to take an unexpected turn. The rest of the movie focuses on the highs and lows she experiences while pursuing the quest.

It’s too early to say if the studio will expand upon filmmaker Roger Vadim’s original 1968 Barbarella movie since it’s unclear whether or how the new picture will pick up the older film’s 41st-century plot.

Who is in Barbarella?

The only actor currently involved in the remake is Sydney Sweeney. As soon as more information regarding the cast is released, we’ll update.

What has the cast of Barbarella said?

Sydney certainly seems eager to take on her new responsibilities as the Queen of the Galaxy. Time to save the cosmos, the Emmy-nominated actress captioned a screenshot from the first Barbarella movie. “Time to save the universe.” the Emmy-nominated actress captioned a screenshot from the first Barbarella movie.

What Will The Costume Look Like?

For the original film, Paco Rabanne created a space-age outfit, and Jacques Fonteray’s costumes were inspired further by the French house’s runway shows.

Paco Rabanne contributed to the wardrobe of the original 1968 film. Shutterstock

After the movie’s premiere, the Barbarella clothes continued to influence many designers, with names like Jean Paul Gaultier and Nicolas Ghesquière overtly referencing Fonda’s attire in successive collections.

Though it will be some time before Sweeney dons a pair of go-go boots as Barbarella. Beginning in 2023, filming on the next Euphoria installment will take place. That gives Julien Dossena (creative director of Paco Rabanne) plenty of time to agree to work on the clothes.

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