Sydney Sweeney Is Already Embracing Her Inner Barbarella

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Jon Kopaloff//GETTY IMAGES

Sydney Sweeney will play the title character in a Barbarella remake, following Jane Fonda, who portrayed the fiery protagonist in Roger Vadim’s 1968 movie, according to a recent announcement. At a recent event in Los Angeles, Sweeney reflected her new on-screen persona by donning a pretty-tough ensemble from Rokh’s most recent spring/summer 2023 collection, breaking away from the sugar-sweet pastels and small essentials she wore as Cassie in Euphoria.

Sweeney wears look 35 from the spring/summer 2023 collection by Rokh.

The actor donned look 35, which included a punky skirt, leather pants, and a jacket-cum-top with sculptural cups (hello, Barbarella). Sweeney chose to wear her hair in a wet-look middle parting rather than going full-on Fonda with a backcombed bouffant and little makeup.

Her most recent hard-edged leather ensemble hints that more Barbarella references are forthcoming.

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