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How to Survive the Hot Weather in Nigeria| Tips to beat the hot weather

Global warming and climate change just got real. If you're in Nigeria, then you'd know that the heat wave across the country is real. Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash

Aromatherapy in Selfcare| Unique Uses and Benefits

Aromatherapy uses natural ingredients such as essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds to promote health. It is often referred to as complementary, alternative or traditional therapy. It is widely used in the...

Myths vs Scientific facts| The Truth Behind the COVID-19 Virus

There’s been a lot of false news and hoaxes going around social media on how to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. As the COVID-19 continues to make...

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment | Who is at risk

It is no longer news that the Coronavirus is now considered a Pandemic. The COVID-19 first originated from a market in Wuhan, China in December 2019. As the world shuts down to contain...

Coronavirus| The New Virus in Town

If you've paid attention to the news, then you've probably heard of Coronavirus. Between you and me, it feels scarier than zombie movies (at least we know that's fake) The...
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