Tiwa Savage Collaborates With MAC Cosmetics

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Any celebrity who enjoys cosmetics wants their name to be on one of MAC’s renowned brush sets, color palettes, lipstick tubes, or compacts, but only a select group of legendary women (and two men) have so far received their own line.

From Rihanna to Mariah Carey, these celebs have had their own line with MAC Cosmetics and now Nigeria’s dubbed afrobeats queen Tiwa Savage has become Africa’s First MAC Marker.

The long wearing, creamy bright red matte finish lipstick is of limited edition.


Speaking at her Launch Event, Tiwa talked about how it took to long for Africa to be fully represented in the beauty scene.

In her words “I’m so happy to see a little full of my friends. Um, thank you guys for celebrating this with me. So we got this call, I think about two years ago. Um, just over 2.5 years ago and initially for me, I’m gonna be honest. I know my team here, and I said it before. I was like, just, you know, cool cheque. I’m cool. Like, you know, I wasn’t really that invested in the mission. And then just just the way the company map, just embrace me, embrace my ideas. And when I realised how much work has gone into selecting a map maker from Africa, I realised how iconic this moment was because, I mean, for years, this is the first time we’re being represented. I said at the last, louder, louder, I said it. Even in New York, there’s no continent like Africa that has all the shades from the Alby knows to the darkest dark to the highest cheekbones to the fullest lips. So it didn’t make sense to me why it took so long for us to have a Mac maker from Africa because there’s no continent.”

You are as black women we can Cosmetics especially map so much. So for me, it’s not even about leaving a matte makeup for me. I feel like I’m opening doors. This is the beginning. I want this to do so well so that they’ll have other matchmakers, not just myself. You know, it might be one of you guys. Please. I love it to be, You know, you have several matchmakers from other continents. It should just be one from Africa were too big. This is not a country, it’s a continent. So I’m so happy. I’m so, so happy that you guys finally, I’ve given us a voice given that young black girl who can seek to our sandwich and you see that she’s represented. I also chose Red because I’m immediate new person, but I wanted to choose a colour that will push me out of my comfort zone.

Concluding that she was honored and this event is not only a celebration for her but other black women

For now the lipstick line comes in only red, since Tiwa is just new but we can only hope for more in the nearest future. It retails for just $23 (appox. 10,000 Nigerian Naira) so grab yours before it’s sold out.



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