The 2022 MET Gala’s Stunning and Exquisite Headpieces

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The MET Gala 2022 took place on the first Monday in May. Celebrities were given the subject “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” this year, with a focus on gilded elegance. With black gowns, long nails, and elaborate headpieces, celebrities are capturing the grandeur of the Gilded Age tonight.The classic waves and slicked-back chignons are great, but this year’s version of the fashion extravaganza is all about the headpieces — and understandably so. Simple tiaras and glittering headbands coexisted with ornate fascinators and huge hats.

The importance of head coverings in the gilded glamour concept was obvious, and here are some of our favorites.

Abstract Halo

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Winnie Harlow walked the carpet in a short abstract white gown with an ornate white-and-golden headdress that we can’t quite put our finger on. Thin golden rods connect the clear-and-white, crisp abstract bits that spiral out from her sides – the headpiece the appearance of insect legs.

Discs of Fire

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La La Anthony wore a crimson two-piece with a swirly manicure and a huge crimson headpiece that drew our notice earlier in the evening. A huge circular piece with red ovular parts weaved together is on one side. The headpiece, on the other hand, is radically different — enormous and miniature candy apple-red roses gleam, tying this all-over red costume together.

Small Tiaras

The day before the Met Gala, Emma Chamberlain spent hours in the salon getting her platinum blonde hair. Her silver bedazzled tiara was nestled behind her ears and separated along the middle of her blunt bob. The dainty pendant complements her studded accessories wonderfully.

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Golden Glory

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On the red carpet, Natasha Poonawalla wore a lot of gold. Her brown gown was embellished with sequins and a plethora of huge gold jewelry pieces. Even adding a golden headpiece with various-sized multicolored jewels. The golden corset-like item that expands into a big headdress, however, was the center of attention. Three tiny metal circles encircled her head and neck, concealing a section of her face. The swirly metal on her chest was mirrored by shorter gold pieces curling outward on the rings.

Large brims

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With her hot pink gown, a gigantic black hat, latex gloves, and thigh-high footwear, SZA was obviously embodying the phrase “go big or go home.” The massive magnitude of this hat was astounding – makes you wonder if the hat stayed put all night or if she had to remove it to avoid accidently hitting someone. A soft boa hung from the singer’s waist at the back of the cap.

Exquisite Sequins

In her ombré, hooded sequined gown, MJ Rodriguez actually shone. Her hair is mostly hidden by the glittery hood, but a few tendrils poke out from the front. These bits wrapped and swooped about her eyes and forehead, resembling finger ripples.

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The striped hood in black and silver ties to Janelle Monáe’s bedazzled gown in the same hue and covers her entire head. It’s the pinnacle of opulence and perfection.

A Touch of Pink

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With her black-and-white Christopher John Roberts gown and intricate fascinator, Sarah Jessica Parker obviously understood the gilded glamour assignment. This black netted garment hides a portion of her face, but it gets better as your gaze moves upward. At the top, rolled sections of black mesh appear, as do several strings with tiny diamond pieces in black and white. The fuchsia blossom and leaves provide a pop of color to this otherwise neutral ensemble.

Gold pieces

Tommy Dorfman wore a hunter green latex outfit with black leather gloves to make a statement. Her cut-out dress’s gold parts are complemented by a little golden headband. The top of the headband is covered in tiny squarish shapes.

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With her silver jeweled headgear that covered her face, Teyana Taylor fused the past and the future. Tiny bits with lavender jewels protrude from each side of her head, complementing her marbled purple gown.


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Another star that coordinated her full costume from head to toe is Lily Aldridge. Her silver-studded black gown, gloves, and headscarf were all the same. For a gorgeous but simple look, she fastened the studded scarf just under her neck.


Normani was dressed in a velvet black two-piece outfit and her hair was dyed a new hue. Her brown hair has been replaced by a Merlot-colored dark reddish tone. A curvy black velvet fascinator with a loop complemented her wavy hairstyle.

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Vision with Nets

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Claire Danes wore a black fascinator that covered much of her face and ears, complementing her slicked-back bob. This netting pattern was more straightforward, resembling a smattering of small carbonated plastic spacers strung in.

Sequins aplenty

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The Met Gala in 2022 was all about sequins and gemstones. Jessica Chastain wore a burgundy dress with a silvery snake wrapped around it. She completed the ensemble with a matching red sequin turban headband. The hair accessory also features a silver component with a jeweled pin just at the crown of her head – it’s opulent, dazzling, and showy, which fits the glamorous mood well.

Diamond Tiara

Giving a nod to Africa’s rich cultural heritage, the Danai Gurira carried a traditional African fly whisk for the occasion. Wearing a blue-violet Head of State ball gown designed by Nigerian-American designer Taofeek Abijako, she completed her look with a simple yet chic diamond bandeau tiara.

At the Met Gala, Danai Gurira revealed that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is "heart wrenching."

Feathered Birds

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Quannah Chasinghorse is known for bringing her culture with her wherever she goes. She wore a beautiful, baby blue tulle dress with a huge feather headdress to the Met Gala. The feathers were connected to exquisite braids on one side of her head and complemented her jewelry beautifully.

Towering White Headwrap

The 2022 Met Gala Red Carpet was ruled by long nails.
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The Tignon Laws, which obliged Black women to cover their hair in the late 1800s, are referenced in Cynthia Erivo’s towering white headwrap. The white wrap is also a nod to the various headwraps worn by Black women around the world. This chalk-white headpiece has a great height and volume.

Baseball cap

Kylie looked stunning in a huge off-white couture ivory gown with a ruffled skirt and sheer bodice, paying homage to late African American designer Virgil Abloh. She completed the ensemble with a backward baseball cap with a netted veil and flowery details. Virgil’s final collection included this gown.

Nicki Minaj finished off her Burberry ensemble with a leather baseball cap with an integrated headband.

The 2022 Met Gala Red Carpet was ruled by long nails.

Statue of Liberty

Blake evoked the Statue of Liberty with her attire, which included her own Lorraine Schwartz-designed crown. The colors matched the blue-green tone of the copper figure. Seven spikes represented the seven continents, while 25 gems represented the statue’s 25 windows. But she didn’t stop there! Her gown’s intricate embellishments mimicked the cosmic map on Grand Central Station’s ceiling.

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