The 2022 MET Gala Red Carpet was ruled by long nails.

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The MET Gala will took place on May 1st, as usual. Part two of 2021’s American fashion-focused night was this year’s subject. However, with the “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” theme, participants attempted to amaze us with their finest efforts at gilded splendor – we’re saws coiled updos, expensive ballgowns, and jaw-dropping gorgeous makeup walk the red carpet.

Our gaze was drawn to the manicures, however. The question of whether short or long nails will be in style this year has been debated, but it appears that long nails/manicure won out at the 2022 MET Gala. Keep an eye out for all of the stunning manicures from the night before.

The Tip

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Vanessa Hudgens, who co-hosted Vogue live broadcast, had a white manicure in a different style and shape. Her stiletto nails had been sharpened. Silver diamonds adorn the tips of her pointed nails, adding glitter to her all-black ensemble and silver jewellery.

Golden enchantment

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Cynthia Erivo attended the annual fashion event dressed entirely in white. Her gigantic white headwrap was a salute to the variety of headwraps, scarves, and turbans used by Black people around the world, as well as a reference to Tignon regulations, which prevented Black women from leaving their hair exposed. Her manicure, on the other hand, was radically different. Her sculpted nails were black and studded with golden charms of all sizes and shapes – the charm on her middle finger depicts a side profile of a Black woman with a large puff.

All white

Emma Chamberlain wore a cropped two-piece outfit, a bedazzled choker, and a silver-studded tiara to the red carpet. She completed the look with a platinum blonde hairstyle, sunset-inspired eye makeup, and white, coffin-shaped nails painted by Betina Goldstein with CND manicure polish. White manicures are usually popular, but Goldstein gave them a 3D twist with a textured finish.

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Gold stiletto nails

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Cardi B is rarely seen without a set of long nails sculpted and painted by Marie Perez. Gold stiletto nails were used to represent the golden theme. Perez adorned each nail with golden chains and sparkling silver gems, because it wouldn’t be a Cardi B manicure without them.

Neon Nails

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With her neon yellow two-piece skirt set, gloves, and square-shaped nails, Gwen Stefani looked as dazzling as a tennis ball. The neon monochromatic theme contrasted nicely with the red carpet and brought some life to the sea of black ensembles. The vibrant color was painted on the nails by nail artist Eri Ishizu.

Mismatched Manicure

Nicki Minaj’s bedazzled physique was a perfect match for her studded black manicure. Each nail was unique, with a French tip, 3D gems, or a crocodile print. Despite the disparities in style, this jumbled manicure came together nicely.

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French Mani with a Twist

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Coca Michelle, as is customary, placed her unique spin to this classic design. Except for the middle fingers, all of the nails had a translucent base with a huge golden C-curve tip. With teeny-tiny raised motifs, including many sorts of leaves, the nail artist gave texture to each sparkling tip.Michelle used the same transparent base for the middle fingers, but instead of a French tip, she added a baby blue marbled design in an ovular form with a golden decal in the center. Michelle’s close-up Instagram image of the nails shows how she ringed the motif with more golden decorations, including little birds.

Swirly Manicures

The 2022 MET Gala's Stunning and Exquisite Headpieces
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Swirly manicures have been popular in recent years, and La La Anthony, the co-host of tonight’s live broadcast, tried out the style with a burgundy tint that matched her attire. Each nail in this coffin-shaped manicure has a foggy background with burgundy and white whirls.

Wine Shaped Mani

With her corkscrew nails, Lizzo may have had one of the night’s most distinctive sculpted manicures. Ishizu carved and filed the nails into the shape of a wine opener, which deserves a standing ovation in and of itself. The black finish at the base transitioned into a shiny gold on the corkscrew section, matching the pop star’s black-and-gold ensemble. We’d want to know how many people asked her to open bottles of wine with these nails that were as long as a tube of lip balm.

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Metallic French

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Léna Mahfouf, aka Léna Situations, wore a metallic French manicure to the red carpet. The gold sheen on each tip was inspired by the wrapping on chocolate coins. Each nail included a bedazzled diamond in a distinct design, so the tips weren’t the only shiny portion of the manicure.

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