Tessa Thompson Used Her Choker Necklace as a Hair Tie

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Tessa Thompson came in Venice on August 31 not only to kick off the city’s International Film Festival ceremony but also to glaze many, if not all, of the onlookers’ eyes with a hairdo that was so distinctive that I’d even say it was an illusion.

At first glance, at least, her wet-looking finger waves appeared to stop at the neck and dropped smoothly and without a part at the hairline. Her secret? a silver chainlink choker necklace doubled as a hair tie, pulling all her waves back and securing them to her neck.

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The concept was brought to life by hairstylist Lacy Redway, as she does every time. Redway wrote her Instagram photo of the outfit, “A choker hair tie will be all the rage,” and it most certainly is. As the choker secured Thompson’s locks with the four remaining chain cuffs hanging down her swept-back hair, a baby hair accent kissed Thompson’s forehead, and all of Venice’s glitz followed.

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Aura Friedman, a hair colorist, previously used a choker-turned-hair tie to compliment Thompson’s auburn hair color. Redway writes on her post that both the actor and the stylist are growing to be known for their use of choker hairstyles.

Thompson’s lovely glistening lips and tanned cheekbones drew the eye. By pulling a broad wing sharply toward the cheekbone, makeup artist Cedric Jolivet added drama.

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