Strawberry Legs: How to Get Rid of Them

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Strawberry is a popular fruit because of its distinctive aroma, vibrant red color, juicy mouthfeel, and richness. – but when used to describe the appearance of your legs, it actually refers to a skin issue.

Strawberry legs describe the appearance of small black spots on the legs often mistaken as dirt, they look similar to seeds on the skin of strawberries (hence the name) more visible on skin types than others.

Typical symptoms include:

• Black or brown spots that appear after you shave your legs.

• Open pores that appear darkened

• Doted appearance on the legs.

Though not itchy, see a doctor, as it may indicate the presence of an underlying condition. Skin conditions like Keratosis pilaris, Folliculitis, dry skin and clogged pores also cause strawberry legs.

Ahead of the season of shorts and swimsuits, we’ve rounded up all the tips that will help you get rid of strawberry legs.

1. Physical Exfoliation

Gently removing dead skin cells from your legs surface help reduce strawberry legs and prevent ingrown hairs also. Exfoliation helps soften the skin, loosen up the dirt and oil trapped in your pores – which helps to prevent that dirt and oil from getting trapped in your pores when you shave. Doing this makes it easier for new hairs to grow – as do proper shaving methods, shaving tools and a good skin care regimen.

In addition to reducing the appearance of strawberry legs, exfoliation can also help prevent strawberry legs from reoccurring. To exfoliate, use a body scrub or glove that polishes away dead cells.

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2. Moisturizing

Moisturizing creams help to hydrate the skin, following exfoliation. Hydration helps improve the appearance of your skin and serves to alleviate or prevent the symptoms of strawberry legs. For those with dry skin using moisturiser product rich in shea butter and ceramides will go a long way.

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3. Use an Epilator

Using epilator devices is an effective method for temporary hair removal. This hand held electrical tool grasp and removes hair by the root and can helps avoid traumatising the skin. However, it is important to note that epilator are not comfortable and may cause some pain.

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4. Shaving with a Quality Razor

Using a razor that is dry, sharp and rust-free will always give you the closet, cleanest shave possible. You’re most likely to repeat same razor strokes with a dull blade which results to inflamed skin. To prevent this, use a razor that provides a closer shave without forcing the hair to push back and form ingrown hairs. It’s important you soak your legs in warm water (not hot) to soften the hair on your legs and open up pores.

5. Use OTC (Over-the-counter) skin care products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid.

OTC skincare products can help reduce any acne condition that may be exaberating your symptoms. Skincare products containing salicylic or glycolic acid will go a long way.

6. Chemical exfoliation

Exfoliation is not only done physically but also chemically. Chemical exfoliation helps dead skin cells shed faster and less prone to clogged pores if done regularly. Opt for products containing AHAs and salicylic acid (if sensitive to salicylic acid, products containing lactic acid and glycolic acid are a go-to).

7. Shaving with the grain

Shaving in the direction of hair growth helps prevent strawberry legs. To avoid irritation, it is best not to pass over the same area multiple times. Next pat your legs if you’re moisturising with oil, try to avoid coconut oil (it has comedogenic properties). Finally, apply a fragrance free moisturizer/face for cream/lotion to avoid redness.

8. Dry-Brushing

Strawberry legs can be avoided by shaving a day or two before. Brush your legs vigorously in circular strokes with a soft dry brush before bathing or showering to help with exfoliation. Then, before shaving, bathe your skin in warm water for five to ten minutes to help draw out impurities and release dead skin cells stuck within the pores.

9. Waxing

Waxing at home can be a cost-effective way to remove hair, but it’s crucial to use caution. If you’ve been sunburned or have very sensitive skin, don’t wax, and don’t wax if you’ve been on isotretinoin in the last six months. Strawberry legs can also be nipped in the bud with this method. Waxed hairs come back softer and thinner over time, allowing you to space out your hair removals and avoid the strawberry legs appearance.

Because the skin in that area is so fragile, it’s also a good idea to leave Brazilian waxing to the specialists.

10. Laser Hair Removal

Despite the fact that permanent hair removal needs numerous treatments, laser therapy is targeted and precise – and should be done by a professional.

Beyond the hair removal component, there are a slew of other advantages of laser hair removal. It can help you get rid of strawberry legs, ingrown hairs that irritate your skin and cause pigmentation (which is very frequent in people with dark skin tones).Hair removal has a plethora of alternatives. Waxing, threading, shaving, and tweezing are all alternatives for removing body hair, but laser hair removal is one of the few that is more permanent.

11. Leg Masking

You can also use a very simple DIY mask treatment to relax your legs recommended by Ali Tobia (a licensed esthetician in New York City with over 20 years of professional experience.)

½ cup of chickpea flour

½ cup of full-fat yogurt (If possible, go organic.)

2 tbsp of honey (If possible, go organic.)

Freshly squeezed juice of ½ lemon

Water (1 tbsp at a time, until the mixture thickens into a paste)

Apply the final mask paste to your legs, coating them completely, and give yourself a gentle leg massage as you do so (this is just because it feels great anyway).

Allow 10-15 minutes for the mask to sit on your legs. Then, using a soft washcloth and warm water, rinse.

Chickpea flour is an excellent exfoliant, and yogurt includes lactic acid, which aids in the removal of dead skin cells. According to Tobia, honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics, while lemon has natural astringent effects, reduces oil on the skin, and acts as an antifungal agent.

12. Electrolysis

Like laser removal, Electrolysis should be done by a trained professional in a clinical setting. Electrolysis is a technique for pinpointing inflamed (or otherwise troublesome) hair follicles using low amounts of electricity. Ingrown hairs are prevented by electrolysis.

13. TCA Multi-Acid Body Peel

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) multi-acid body peel offers a potent combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, phytic acid, and TCA (trichloroacetic acid).Apply a thin application of product to clean, dry skin with a fan brush (or a cotton pad if you don’t have one). This peel does not require rinsing. Within one to two weeks of your first treatment, you should see smoother, brighter skin, and with continuous weekly use, the effects will continue to improve as the appearance of pores fades.

14. Body Icing

As the name implies, it involves putting ice on your skin to reap the benefits of the chilling ingredient. Experts feel that if done correctly at regular intervals, the good impacts would be maximized. To cure redness and irritation on your body, use a frozen roller or another frozen object on your skin to relieve inflammation.

For strawberry legs, freeze a sphere of water with pure aloe vera and a few drops of tea tree oil, then rub over your legs after shaving or waxing. This soothes and hydrates your skin while also keeping your pores free.

LEURR does not give medical advice, diagnose patients, or treat them. Any material provided on this website or by this brand is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, and you should get medical counsel before taking any action.

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