Jackie Aina Shares Makeup Tips for Hyperpigmention Common in Dark Skin Tones

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Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber, Jackie Aina shared useful makeup tips for hyperpigmentation commonly seen in dark skin tones. Hyperpigmentation is a common complaint among people of color – dark spots, patchy skin, scarring, uneven skin tones.

Jackie starts off the video by asking “……Are you tired of being told dark lips are not cute? Are you tired of people talking about your complexion as if its a burden or incovenience…….” She addresses features that a lot of dark skin people dont like, want to hide or want to correct permanently and also share makeup hacks and tips to accentuate these so called “flaws” and make them more beautiful than they already are.

This is a video for anyone who at any point felt like having dark skin was an inconvenience, a set back, or a flaw. This video I will show the “why” behind some of the makeup techniques I use to play up dark otherwise looked at as “undesirable”, features and how to enhance what you already have. Enjoy!

Aina has been a strong advocate for people of color are who are poorly represented and often ignored in the beauty industry. She’s worked with various cosmetic companies such as e.l.f, Sigma Beauty, Artist Couture etc.

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