How to Apply Makeup On Dry Skin: Follow These 10 Steps To Prevent Dry Patches

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Good thing we’ve got you covered – applying makeup for dry skin can be such a hassle and pretty much complicated, especially if your new to makeup. Even for pros, not adequately prepping the skin before applying makeup can leave a lot of annoying dry patches on your face.

1. Kick Off with a Scrub

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells that may have accumulated on the skin’s surface. In fact, this should be your very first step in prepping your skin, as it can cause your makeup to look flaky if not done properly. You’ll want to use a gentle face scrub on areas prone to dryness such as the crease of your chin and around your nose. You’d be careful not to overdo it.

2. Don’t Forget to Moisturize with SPF

Moisturizing is indispensable to preventing dry, flaky skin. It should be your best friend especially is you struggle with dry skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF doubles up the benefits as far as the moisturizer has an SPF value of 15 or higher and indicate the sunscreen broad spectrum.

3. Use the Right Tools for the Job

A common mistake when applying makeup on dry skin is not using the right tool. For example – rubbing foundation with your fingers won’t give you smooth end result. Instead use makeup applicators such as blenders and brushes to blend and build your makeup to a desired level of coverage.

4. Wear a Primer for a smoother makeup

For Dry skin, wearing a primer before applying foundation and eyeshadow ensures an even skin surface for your makeup application.

5. Choose the Right Foundation for Dry Skin

Every makeup is formulated to suit specific skin type. For dry skin opt for liquid foundation. Powder foundation only dries out your skin more an makes it look cakey.

6. Avoid setting with powder

Applying powder on dry skin makes your makeup cake. Instead use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place and cake free.

7. Stick with Cream Blush

Sing a powder blush loke all powdery products on dry skin can make your skin look drier and flaky. For blush and bronzer it’s better to stick with cream formulations.

8. Apply Highlighter for a Fresher Glow

Dry skin can easily look dull and almost lifeless. Good news is you can get your glow on with a highlighter. Dot a liquid highlighter above your cheekbones to add an enhance your natural luminosity while brightening your cheeks.

9. Avoid Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks can exacerbate the look of dryness and flakes. Although, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop using the super trendy lip color altogether. Before use exfoliate lips using a lip scrub then apply a hydrating lipstick in the shade of your choice.

10. Seal It in With Face Mist

Face mist are traditionally water-based liquids dispensed via spray bottles. They come in handy when your dry skin needs an extra boost of radiance and hydration.

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