Rhode Has Introduced A New Shimmery, “Jelly Bean” Peptide Lip Tint

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Rhode has introduced the “Jelly Bean” Peptide Lip Treatment with shimmer, a new tinted lip balm in celebration of Hailey Bieber’s birthday. The transparent, sparkly baby pink glaze with a candied flavor is reminiscent of middle school lip glosses. Rhode is also releasing a campaign showcasing the product’s delicious jelly bean aroma, reflecting its grown-up twist and a transparent, sparkly baby pink glaze. This marks a significant milestone for Rhode’s tinted lip products.


Rhode has launched its “Jelly Bean” Peptide Lip Tint as part of the “Birthday Duo” set ($42), which includes the brand’s top-selling Peptide Glazing Fluid ($29) and is presented in a jelly bean-themed pouch. The main product itself retails for $16 and is available on the brand’s website.


The Rhode Peptide Lip Tint, flavored with hazelnut, is a versatile lip gloss that can be used day or night for perfectly hydrated and glazed lips. It can be layered for more color and shimmer, making it a versatile lip product.

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