The Red French Manicure on Sabrina Carpenter Is Totally Romantic

Sabrina Carpenter, has a new manicure and it is by far different from the hyper-feninine styles she’s known for.

Sabrina had medium-length, almond-shaped nails with French tips that began with a very shiny base. The the base had a little pink undertone, much like her own nails with the tips covered with a dim red hue.


To recreate this look, use nail polish remover to remove any remaining polish, trim and file nails to the appropriate length and shape, apply tips or press-ons, buff the surface, and apply a base coat to get the pop princess manicure effect. Select a glossy, neutral color for the base coat or leave it unpainted. Using tape, make a French tip shape. Paint over it, remove the tape, and allow it to dry. Apply a glossy top coat to complete the look.

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