The Best Manicures and Nail Art at the 2022 BET Awards

364 days have passed since the most recent BET Awards, giving celebrities plenty of time to plan even more stunning manicures to sport at the 2022 gala. They have been working closely with their favorite nail technicians to perfect the finishing touches of their red-carpet beauty looks for the big night, which celebrates remarkable accomplishments in Black culture, including music, acting, sports, and more. We also want to recognize the manicurists who made sure the nominees, presenters, and guests’ hands were polished and ready for the camera.
There has been a wide range of nail trends in the first half of 2022, with some celebrities sticking to elaborate, extremely long designs while others opted for a more understated, neutral look. All of these trends will be represented at the 2022 BET Awards. The following are some of the evening’s best manicures.

Billy Porter

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Billy Porter’s appearance is stunning in every way, even down to his manicure. His short nails are painted in a fascinating moss green almost-iridescent chrome lacquer that somehow manages to look good despite not matching anything else in his outfit.


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The metallic manicure was given a literal twist on Doechii’s. Her long, corkscrew-like nails were golden and pointed, with a texture resembling a corkscrew. Her red carpet costume and bold eye makeup were also complemented by them.


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Rapper Lakeyah opted for a sophisticated, glam manicure. She has long nails with a milky base and squared-off tips with black corners. Some of the nails include diamond-like diamonds in a variety of patterns as their tops.

India Love

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The metallic style of the evening was approached differently by social media star India Love. Her lengthy, square French manicure has various designs on each lovely nail and appears to be decorated with mercury bubbles.

Mary J Blidge

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Mary J. Blige wore pink nails – The long, pointed shade of the color bubblegum looked fully developed, bejeweled with gems.

Taraji P. Henson

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Taraji P. Henson, the host for tonight, also opted for gold nails, but they more closely matched her first dress for the evening. The cuticles and long, pointed tips of the silver manicure shine.

Shaun Ross

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Shaun Ross wears a set of ribbed, silver rings on the tips of his fingers that give the appearance of pointed, metallic nails, despite the fact that his nails aren’t painted.


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Latto had one manicure when she arrived at the BET Awards, but her gloves had another when she started performing. Diamonds within diamonds within diamonds adorned the tips of her black velour gloves, creating a stunningly opulent pattern of four smaller diamond shapes, each comprised of stones, coming together to form a larger, nail-sized diamond.

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