Why “BIAB” Nails Should Be On Your Next Nail Appointment

BIAB nails have become increasingly popular in 2024 with celebrities like Kylie Jenner endorsing the fad. BIAB mani is a healthier alternative to gel manicures. This ‘builder’ technique offers a nail-strengthening treatment with neutral tones and sparkly nail art, making it more hard-wearing yet gentler for natural nails.


Builder in a bottle (BIAB) is a gel manicure with a thicker consistency, similar to gel. It strengthens and thickens nails while polish is applied, prevents nail breaking and peeling, and facilitates nail growth. After application, the gel can be soaked off, saving time and effort. BIAB has the same appearance as regular polish but offers numerous benefits, making it a standout option in the nail care industry.

What Exactly Are BIAB Nails?

BIAB is a soak-off soft gel that is only meant for use by professionals. It is thicker than gel polish and traditional nail paint but has a softer texture than acrylic. It is used to overlay natural nails. Its hard outer layer encourages healthy nail development and strength.


The Gel Bottle’s BIAB formula is known for its easy application, making it appealing to nail techs. The gel smooths out and self-levels when dropped onto nails, using gravity to help the polish pool in the right spots.

Benefits of BIAB

Protects the natural nail: BIAB provides long-lasting protection for nails, preventing tip bending and breaking, acting as a protective armor for the nail plate.

It lasts longer: Gel manicures last up to three weeks, acrylics last up to eight weeks when you receive biannual fills, and traditional nail polish only lasts a few days before chipping and peeling. In contrast, the durability of BIAB gel lasts for a duration of three to four weeks.

Promotes healthier nail: BIAB gel is a long-lasting and durable option for everyday mani use, helping nail biters stop biting. It has been found to result in healthier nails compared to acrylics and constant soak-off gels.

Less Damaging: Because of its prolonged lifespan and simplicity of application and removal, BIAB, a soak-off gel, is suggested for persons with weak, brittle, or slow-growing nails. It is a more efficient method of nail maintenance, however it can need filing on the outer layer.

Drawbacks of BIAB

Limited Color Palette: BIAB has the potential to be problematic because of limited color to choose from, but it can be flexible and used with other gel hues.

Can’t Be Removed At Home: Considering nail removal can be challenging, professionals stress the need for professional nail removal to reduce the risk of nail damage.

How To Apply BIAB


Builder gel is a gel polish applied directly to the nail, affecting the technique and allowing for adding length or overlaying natural length. It requires UV and is suitable for those who prefer gel manicures but want to try something new or avoid excessive filing.


Your nail technician will start by filing, buffing, and doing cuticle work to prepare your nails. Then, they will use pure acetone to remove any remaining polish.


The manicurist will then apply a thin coating of BIAB polish over the natural nail or the brand’s rubber base, which is cured like a regular gel base on a low heat mode.

BIAB application

BIAB is a gel-based nail polish that can be applied as a base before gel color. It is applied to the nail, spread side to side, and dragged away from the cuticle. The manicurist ensures a smooth finish by avoiding build-up around the free edge and cuticle. For a more opaque finish, build and curing one nail at a time.

Refine and buff

After using alcohol to remove any stickiness from each nail, your manicurist will file the polish to a higher shine and use a duster brush to remove any remaining dust.

After creating a base, you can apply nail art or any regular gel shade on top of the BIAB base, then apply a thin layer of top coat for a polished look.

How long does BIAB take to apply?

The gel service typically takes longer than other gel services, and it’s recommended that your manicurist dedicate around an hour to an hour and a half to perfect nail preparation.

How long does BIAB last?

To keep natural nails healthy, frequent maintenance sessions are necessary. A gel product called BIAB can last two to four weeks, depending on lifestyle choices. It is suggested that you refill the product every three to four appointments, assess its condition, and perform a thorough soak off and new set in order to preserve the strength of the natural nail.

How do you remove BIAB?

Although BIAB is a soak-off product, you must file off the product if you used rubber base coat shades. Before soaking off the last layers, the substance can be completely removed or soaked off using an E-file.

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