Beyoncé’s New Manicure Goes With Her Sequin Hot Pants

Beyoncé hands down has showcased an array of over-top design wears throughout her Renaissance tour, proving that she’s that girl. Her latest appearance, however, featured an exquisite manicure and high-end casual attire.

Queen B recently shared an Instagram carousel of a night with husband Jay Z, featuring a sequin Prada hot pants, a sheer tan turtleneck, matching fur coat, heels, and silver hoops. On a closer look, the sultry silhouette was completed with a creamy rose-colored nails, which matched the entire ensemble and the matte lipstick on her lips.

The nails had a deeper pink shade that resembled rosé turned into a latte. The hair was a ’60s-inspired baby beehive, with subtle volume at the crown and two thick face-framing tendrils. Bey’s hair was left skimming her bust on both sides, lending an air of sophistication to the ensemble.


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