Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

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Multipurpose makeup, cosmetics or skin care products are products that have multiple uses in your beauty routine. That is, they can be used for more than one purpose – Not to be confused with benefits.

Multipurpose use of makeup also means you get to travel light by lightening the load of your makeup bag. Since you can use the same product for different purposes, you save lots of time and money as well.

The article will guide you on creative ways to use cosmetics and beauty products. No need to worry about the dangers, many makeup and cosmetic products are basically made from the same ingredients.


A lipstick can be used as a blush or an eyeshadow. This versatile beauty product comes in different shades and textures, making it a perfect alternative.

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks
Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash
  • Lipstick as blush – To use, dab a little on your cheekbones and blend. Make sure you blend upwards to the apples of your cheeks. Choose a shade that works with your skin tone. You can also try the one shade trend; this is very popular with makeup artist.


– Do not apply too much, lipsticks are more pigmented (deeper coloration) than your usual blush.

– Lipsticks as blush works well with moisturizing lipsticks [easier to blend] than matte lipstick. If what’s available is dry lipsticks, lighten by mixing with your primer, aloe vera or face moisturizer before applying.

– If you have a sensitive skin or prone to acne, just dap a little to avoid irritation.

  • Lipstick as Eyeliner – Use long-lasting lipstick for this purpose. Avoid sticky lipstick for this purpose. To use, pour on angled brush trace a well-defined line across your upper lashes.
  • Lipstick as Mascara – Use a long-lasting waterproof lipstick for this purpose. Using a mascara brush, swirl the brush around your lashes to coat the bristles.

If you’re scared of looking bizarre, keep thing simple with a glossy lip, little blush and a natural complexion.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

This beauty product can be used to tame eyebrows and also nourish cuticle

  • To tame stubborn eyebrows, use the end of your fingertips to apply. Use a mascara brush to groom eyebrows.
  • Rubbing lip balm directly on your nails helps remove dead skin and cracking at the base. Best applied at night – your nails will be soft and pliable when you wake up.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

A popular example of petroleum jell is Vaseline. This versatile product can not only be used on chapped lips but can also be use to

  • Remove makeup
  • Highlight cheekbones (dab a little to give an extra glow)
  • Moisturize dry areas on the skin for a radiant illumination
  • Tame hair – when a hair serum isn’t handy and eyebrows


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

Clear mascara and black mascara both have multiple uses. They work well as gel or liquid eyeliner.

  • As an eyeliner – Rub a beveled brush along the end of your black mascara brush, draw a sharp defined line around the eye contours in both eyelashes
  • As an eyebrow setting gel – Dap a little on your eyebrows to secure your brows in place


This cosmetic product that is applied on the eyelids and under the eye can also be used as an eyeliner, eyebrow filler and also an illuminator

  • As an eyeliner – For a more defined line, wet the brush first – then dip it in the shadow colour of choice.
  • As an eyebrow filler – Eyeshadow can be used to fill in spaces in the direction of brow growth.
Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks
Photo by Dmytro Lopatin on Unsplash

Note: An angled brush can be used for both purposes. The key is finding the right pigment (the more pigmentation the better. The eyeshadow should be matte meaning – it should not contain shine or shimmer. For dark haired women use a matte black shadow.

  • As an illuminator – To naturally brighten up our face, apply a little amount of light-colored shimmery eyeshadow on eyebrows, cheekbones, nose bridge and center of the lips like an illuminator.


This beauty product can be used as a lipstick and eyeshadow – just dab a little and blend.

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks


Loose powder is usually used to set our makeup. As a multipurpose makeup it can be used to make lipstick longer, as a dry shampoo, make lashes appear longer and thick.

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks
  • For long lasting lipstick: Apply lipstick, starting at the center of the lip, to one corner and next corner – then dab some loose power on it. After this apply another layer of lipstick.
  • For fuller lashes – Follow the same process as the lipstick.
  • As a dry shampoo – Due to its oil-absorbing properties, it reduces hair greasiness without using water. Meaning it absorbs excess oil on the scalp and on a plus side – makes your hair smell neat and fresh.

BB cream

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

A BB cream means “blemish balm” cream; used as a base for makeup. This versatile product can be used a primer, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen too.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

A lip liner can be used as an eyeliner pencil and an eyebrow filler.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

A good foundation is all about building coverage to create an even complexion, cover up flaws etc. As a multipurpose cosmetic product, it can also be used as a concealer. Although, it may not offer the same level of concealment but it totally works. Apply the same way as you would a concealer.

To cover up spots, use a brush.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

Applying concealer with a little dab of loose powder is a quick and easy way to brighten and set your makeup.


Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks

Hair conditioner is used to improve the appearance of your hair but an also be used as a shaving cream. It is more moisturizing and its texture protects the skin against burns.


Talcum powder aka loose powder can be used to set your foundation, concealer and foundation cream.


To tame rogue eyebrow hairs, a fixative spray can do the trick. Spray little on a mascara brush and run it over eyebrow hairs. This should be done quickly.

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks


Known for is nutritional value, apple cider vinegar can also be used as a beauty product. Apple Cider vinegar (ACV) contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids, a common ingredient in cosmetic and skin are product. It can be used as a Facial mask, toner, spot treatment and a mole remover.

Multipurpose Use of Makeup| Beauty Hacks
  • As a facial mask: Just mix with Bentonite Clay.
  • As a toner ­ A simple way is to mix ACV and distilled water. Add essential oils or tea tree for additional nutrient.
  • For spot treatment – ACV can be used as a home remedy for post acne marks.
  • As a mole remover – ACV can be used to burn moles away from the skin.

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