From Fulani Braids to West African headgears – Find out how Beyonce Amplifed African Tribes in Black is King

Beyonce’s visual album Black is King featured a lot of impressive style and beauty statements – thanks to her trusted stylist Zerina Akers. In celebration of Black African beauty, Black is King highlighted a glamorous display of clothing, hair, and makeup. From Fulani braids of the Sahel’s Fula people, amazing west african headgears to the Bantu Knots of the Sub-Sahara’s Indigenous ethnic groups and flat tops of Congo’s Mangbetu clan, Beyonce amplified variety of African tribes on the continent and diaspora.

Lead hairstylist Neal Farinah along with a team of brilliant which included Nakia Collins were able to replicated centuries of African traditions with intricate braided styles. Though Queen B still rocked her signature blonde curls, the Queen till kept us our toes – for example a scene featured floor grazing twist that actually required a platform.

Not to forget the remarkable body art and stunning makeup looks by Rokael Lizaman and B’s go to makeup artist, Sir John which had us glued to our screens. At the end of the day these elements contributed to the mind blowing beauty inspirations and fulfillment of Beyonce’s mission statement.

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In the opening scene, Beyonce keeps makeup and hairstyle simple and neutral. Draped in a custom Wendy Nichol gown, the singer embodies Yemoja, Yoruba Orisha of the ocean, mother of all living things.

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Complementing custom Loza Maléombho ensemble she wears paired with shoulder-length gold earrings, Beyonce rocks Fulani braids topped with Bantu knots with hair baby hair softly swirled in Already.

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Wearing custom hand-beaded Nigerian lace and silk ensemble designed by Jerome Lamaar  with Live to Express Pearlii Drops earrings, Beyonce wears a soft glam makeup. A noteable feature is her her mile-high gele headpiece common among West African culture.

Beyonce Celebrates Afrocentric Fashion with visual album “Black is King”

In Already, her beaded and horned braided hairstyle that steals the show, beautifully worn with custom Burberry. The horned braided hairstyle is embellished with golden beads and small cowrie shells, while two longer braids frame either side of her face.

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For Brown Skin Girl, Beyonce pays homage to traditional styles worn by Mangbetu indigenous people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a flat-top braided style, which looked real crown while wearing custom Timothy White.

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Beyonce defies gravity with with her soft curls coiffed in this scene. While giving a done-undone feel, she looks ravishingly beautiful in a Mary Katrantzou Fall 2019 ruffled gown.

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Beyoncé closes in Power with custom Spring 2020 Mugler with waist-length goddess braids, which curl at the ends.

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