Beyoncé Spins Naomi Campbell’s Vintage Cowgirl Suit on the iHeartRadio Music Awards

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Beyoncé’s groundbreaking talent and visionary artistry were celebrated at the prestigious 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Over the weekend, Beyoncé had dropped her newest album, Act II: Cowboy Carter. This 27-song masterpiece takes listeners on a musical journey like no other, blending country vibes with Beyoncé’s signature style. The album includes exciting collaborations with artists such as Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, Shaboozey, Linda Martell, and Willie Jones. Despite its recent release,.

While wearing a magnificent vintage Versace suit from the renowned autumn/winter 1992 collection—originally designed by the great Gianni Versace and notably worn by supermodel Naomi Campbell—Beyoncé accepted the coveted Innovator Award. Styled by Shiona Turini who plucked the catsuit from the Fall 1992 RTW collection, tagged “Miss S&M. The ensemble included a blazer with fringe and tight pants with opulent gold Medusa hardware. Beyoncé finished off the daring ensemble with a Versace cowboy hat from the spring/summer 2018 collection, giving it a contemporary twist.

These days, Beyoncé has consistently embodied the western flair. She recently showcased her adventurous style in a chic Canadian tuxedo with Western influences. She paired the outfits with a Gladys Tamez western bonnet and sky blue Steve Madden boots. She also added cowboy flair to her wardrobe with a monochrome brown leather outfit and a striking ten-gallon hat.

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