Glossier Launches A Nostalgic Cocoa-flavored Winter Lip Balm

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We’re splurging on everything that will keep us warm and toasty while maintaining the moisture levels of our skin as the cooler season draws near. Lips are one of the essential body parts that experience winter dryness, so it only makes sense that Glossier is introducing a new Balm Dotcom taste that’s perfect for snow days in partnership with a well-known hot chocolate company. (Drum Rolls Please) Yes, Glossier Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom ($12) is available now.

The partnership with Swiss Miss, a renowned American hot cocoa delight, is inspired by one of winter’s beloved treats: a cup of hot chocolate. With a chestnut-brown color that leaves a translucent, barely-there shine on the lips, Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom has a nostalgic aroma of dark hot chocolate, tonka bean, and a creamy texture evocative of gently melting marshmallows.

What’s In The Balm Dotcom ?

One of Glossier’s first formulas, Balm Dotcom, has maintained a cult following despite going on sale over ten years ago. Balm Dotcom is referred to as a “universal skin salve” by Glossier because it can moisturize dry cuticles, impart a dewy shine to the high points of the face, and seal in moisture wherever you need it in addition to hydrating the lips for a full, chap-free look.

Castor seed oil, beeswax, and lanolin are all emollient ingredients in the mix that help the skin retain moisture.
With its Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acid content, cupuacu fruit extract helps the skin retain moisture even more, and rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts protect the skin from free radical damage.

The Balm Dotcom Scent


Glossier has launched Balm Dotcom in a variety of flavors since its creation, including cherry, mint, coconut, and even mango. The limited-edition Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom has scents of spun sugar, vanilla orchid, and hot chocolate to get you ready for winter.

The cult-favorite salve’s third limited edition flavor, Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom, from Glossier gives a thin, sheeny chestnut-brown tint on the lips. Other limited edition flavors include fig, cookie butter, and lavender.


Consider this balm if you’re getting ready for the winter weather or searching for a charming (and collectible) stocking stuffer for the Christmas season. It will go great with hobbies like reading by the fire, tubing on a snow day, and, of course, sipping hot chocolate.

Balm Dotcom
universal skin salve


A Snow Day Duo launch is also included to assist you in getting ready for those toasty evenings. The Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom and Glossier’s limited-edition G Pal Sweatshirt are included in the set.


The sweatshirt, which debuted as part of its Holiday 2020 collection, has a super-soft interior and a cool Liquorice Red outside. The sweatshirt costs $40 USD and is sold individually. It is available in sizes XS-XXXL.

Because nothing says, “Winter, I’m ready for you,” quite like moisturized lips and a cozy sweatshirt with a friendly, waving G Pal on the front and back.

Snow Day Duo
limited edition • $45 $52

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