Here’s How Selena Gomez Achieves A Doll Lash Look

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Tiktok has become a gold mine for makeup tips and much more. And yes, it’s one thing to follow a beauty tip from an influencer, but when it comes to celebrity advice, it’s a must. With the wave of doll lashes, we found a simple inspiration Selena Gomez shared in the past to achieve a subtle doll lash look.

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When Gomez demonstrated her “simple, quick look” video on TikTok, she employed the mascara-tweezer technique, which quickly became a major fad. Using tweezers, she compressed sections of the lashes together while separating other sections to create a textured look. You can use your favorite mascara to achieve this look.


In general, doll lashes may bring out the inherent roundness and doll-like appearance of your eyes. While it can be achieved with natural lashes – false lashes create a more emphasized look.

Doll lashes are a little more difficult to achieve than merely applying a coat of mascara, so you may want to wait for special occasions or for Instagram photos to rock the look — though you can wear the look everyday. Now that our little tutorial is done, rock yours with a bold red lip or keep things minimal to keep all the focus on the lash.

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