A timeline of Moymo and Eronini’s Relationship

Fadeke Adesunloye aka moymo and Eronini are one of Nigeria’s teen hottest couple. Not afraid to showcase their love to the world, we’ve decided to give a brief timeline of their relationship.

Via their YouTube channel, the teen couple gave a full breakdowm of how they met and all that.

They were both involved with other people prior

they both had significant others. Not going into too much details, Eronini’s exstranged girlfriend wasn’t in Lagos at the time of their meeting *yikes* – but just like this love quote “Destiny decides who you meet in life but its only your heart that decides who gets to stay in your life”

They met via Social Media

Moymo explains she saw Eroni via a freinds social media feed who posted Eronini and his then girlfriend. Decided not to get involved at that time but eventually had a change of heart and sent a DM.

They Had No Idea They Attended The Same School

Not knowing they attended UNILAG together – fate saw them bumping to each other. Not recollecting who she was initially Eronini, proceeded to asking for her digits. It’s been happily ever after ever since.

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