Fast rising teen star, Diana Eneje reminisce her walk to fame

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Diana Chioma Eneje, a Nigerian actress, model and social media influencer reminisces her walk to fame on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

In her post she narrated how she started;

“1 year ago this neck was long enough for 100 chains, shouldn’t have been wearing just one [emoji] i made a friend that’ll always take me out to eat all sorts, ice cream everyday [emoji]. All kinds of ice cream, food, chills and everything plus Pictures !! I think another phase of my life started a year ago”

The soon to be 18 year old teen model goes on to recall her first clothes designed herself and watching them come to life. She talked about her lead role in the musical video of Dumebi (by Rema, a popular Nigerian young musician) and other achievements.

“And I started designing clothes and watching people bring them to life, still my favorite job. I get to wear my own creation. Oh yeah dumebi’s video shoot will be a year old in 2 days, i guess i was working everyday”

“Nahh, life has been beautiful y’all have heard the bigger part of the story, been on this working my ass off life since I was 14 years old. These are actually just good ends, we’d talk about the rough ones some other day”

She further encouraged her followers to stay strong

” I just want y’all to know that a strong will to do well at life will pay off and good days will come. So keep up whatever thing yo believe in and do it the best way you can. I’m still on that strong will and the story is written.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria – Diana Eneje is the third child of Linda and Kingsley Eneje. Through the years she has proven herself to be one of the most fast rising stars to look out for. She has worked with a number of high-end brands which includes beauty brands Zaron and Nivea

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