Zendaya’s Latest Look: A Nearly Century-Old Vintage Dress

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Zendaya has embraced vintage fashion in her press appearances for the Challengers movie, showcasing her versatility and creativity in fashion. See her custom Loewe ensemble, inspired by the classic Challengers game, combines athleticism and elegance, with vibrant tennis-ball hues. But the actor ran in the opposite direction for her latest appearance.

Arriving at Zero Bond in New York City, Zendaya forwent the direct tennis reference for a nearly century old vintage dress. Zendaya donned an ankle-length dress made of luxurious silk chiffon in a vibrant chartreuse hue, flawlessly complemented by a belted slip and a cropped jacket adorned with delicate ruffles. It is highly probable that this exquisite ensemble was procured from Sweet Disorder Vintage, a revered establishment dedicated to preserving the elegance of the 1930s fashion era, as confirmed by Zendaya’s esteemed stylist, Law Roach.

As reported by Vogue, the vintage dealer’s Instagram account revealed the dress’s debut in June 2023, suggesting Roach, possibly wearing the same dress as Zendaya.

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