Kate and William dress down for their first Christmas card as the Prince and Princess of Wales in denim

Matt Porteous/PA Media

The royal family has unveiled a far more jolly surprise to please the press while the globe waits for Harry & Meghan’s second drop – a Christmas card. Regardless of how you interpret the date of the Wales family’s latest snapshot, William and Kate have captured an image of peaceful familial relations right before the holidays.

Their royal highnesses, comprising Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, were photographed by Matt Porteous while taking a stroll on their rural estate. All five of the subjects were arranged in a line while holding hands. The message in addition to the joyful tidings? The Wales family, who always put up a unified face, is remaining composed and moving forward.

Matt Porteous/PA Media

In the picture, Kate is casually dressed in jeans and white sneakers. The children, who won the nation’s hearts with their animated expressions and enthusiastic singing during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, beam in between the Prince and Princess. The card offers a glimpse of Kate at her most laid-back after several glamorous appearances in recent weeks. The family is adhering to the customs the Queen established and maintaining the composure she was renowned for in the face of tumultuous news cycles, even though this may be the first Christmas without the Queen.

The Wales family wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

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