Michelle Yeoh’s Eccentric Trend Continues At The SAG Awards

Michelle Yeoh has adopted surprising, surrealist red carpet style during her thrilling awards season run for film Everything Everywhere All At Once, frequently wearing Schiaparelli. The acclaimed actor continued her incredible fashion streak at the SAG Awards on Sunday night.

The actress flaunted a huge gold sequin fringe strip down the front of a strapless black dress. The dress was displayed in the house’s spring 2023 couture show, which debuted just a month ago and was motivated by Dante’s Hell. Yeoh’s outfit is obviously minimalist in comparison to the incredibly lifelike lion head that also made an appearance in the show.

To compliment the striking style, she used timeless accessories. She had a slicked-back ponytail, subtle black pumps, a big black diamond watch and chandelier earrings.

Yeoh scooped the trophy for Best Actress at the ceremony becoming the first Asian woman to do so. “I think if I speak my heart will explode,” an emotional Yeoh said on stage while accepting her award. “SAG- AFTRA, to get this from you who understand what it is to get here… everyone of you know the journey, the roller coaster ride, the ups and downs. But most importantly we never give up. I thank you… This is not just for me, this is for every little girl who looks like me.”

“Thank you for giving me a seat at the table and tonight you’ve shown us that it is possible,” she said. Adding, “I’m grateful and my mom will be eternally grateful to all of you.”

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