Kylie Jenner Dresses Up As A Glam Batgirl

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Pierre Suu/Getty Images

On the Wednesday in Paris, Kylie Jenner gave an example of the influence of a full-coverage outfit. At the Acne Studios spring/summer 2023 show, the cosmetics mogul chose a body-con dress. The dress’ dramatic winged sleeves, à la Donna Summer, gave it the feel of a modern take on disco splendour from the 1970s. With some eye-catching, alien-inspired sunglasses, Jenner finished the rather campy ensemble. The entire outfit have a Batgirl feel.

Jenner has a long history with Acne Studios. Last year, she embraced texture by donning a slick leather coat from Acne’s autumn/winter 2021 collection, hairy boots, and a fuzzy bucket hat.

Evidently, at least in the Kardashian-Jenner universe, covering up is the new showing it off. Kim, Kylie’s older sister, has made a famous habit of dressing in full Balenciaga gowns. One particular outfit that Kim wore for a Balenciaga ad campaign and the Academy Awards afterparty this year stood out. It was aqua blue.

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